Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Xaak Bhaaji

This is an attempt to make non-lovers of green leafy vegetables love them. Children and choosy eaters generally dislike green leafy vegetables.One of the easy ways to cook could be to add a potato sliced thin to the leaves.

First the leafy vegetables is cut thin. Oil is heated and pach phuron, garlic added to the hot oil along with onions and chillies.Thinly sliced potatoes are first fried in oil .Salt is added now.When they turn golden brown then the leaves are added.Along with leaves egg is added.The contents are stirred and cooked till the water content in the leaves is dried.Pepper may be added.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mango Dal

A hot afternoon and tangy dal for lunch go hand in hand.Summer time ,mangoes in season and often I get to taste this delicious dal.


Arhar or toor Dal
Raw Mango diced into small pieces.
Red chilli powder or green chillies(whichever preferred)


Dal with turmeric,garlic,onions,chilli is set to boil.The mangoes can be boiled along with the dal or added along with seasoning to the dal.However I prefer the latter.

A little oil is heated in a pan.Seasoning is added along with the mangoes .The mangoes are reduced to a pulp with a spoon in the oil.And when the magoes becomes pulpy dal is added to the seasoning and boiled withthe seasoning for 3-5 minutes.Mango Dal is ready for the afternoon.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Misa Mas Bhoja(Fried Prawns)

Simply fried prawns could be an excellent starter for a non-vegetarian dinner .The prawns with/without scales should be cleaned thoroughly.Then turmeric,salt and prawns are mixed well.Oil is heated in a frying pan and after adding whole garlic cloves ,a few cumin seeds ,the prawns are fried.We need not deep fry them.On turning golden chillies slit into two along the length and diced onions are added.Stir frying continues till the onions melt.Simple and yummy!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mutton Curry Assamese Style(Courtesy :Mukut & Manashi )

This mutton curry would not have been tasty had it not been for Mukut .He selected good meat for the curry .Secondly must thank Manashi for cooking it so fabulous .Not everybody can make good mutton curry.The meat smells if correct amount of spices are not added.We assamese are not used to excessive spices.Hence the correct proportion of spices,oil contributes to a good mutton curry.Here's manashi's recipe:


Mutton (medium size pieces)
Potatoes(medium size each diced into two)
Spices(Garam Masala)
Adequate amount of Ginger Garlic Onion Chillies paste
Diced onions,crushed garlic
Red Chilli powder(Little)
Red Chilli whole
Mustard Oil
Bay Leaf

The meat is marinated with a little turmeric,ginger garlic onion chillies paste ,vinegar,little mustard oil,salt.Sufficient amount of the paste should be kept aside for use later.

Mustard Oil is heated .Bubbles will form in the oil when sufficiently hot.
First the potatoes are fried coated with turmeric and salt and fried in oil till half fried.On turning slightly brown in colour they are brought out of oil.The garlic ginger chillies and onion paste is now added to the hot oil.
Diced onions are added along with crushed garlic.Bayleaf and two whole red chillies are added.A nice aroma of crushed garlic and bayleaf will fill the air.The paste kept aside will be added to oil.The mixture is now fried till golden brown and till the oil starts getting released from the mixture.Marinated mutton is added to the mixture and fried well with the mixture.The gas is kept in high flame.The mutton starts releasing water and frequently the mutton should be turned in the cooking utensil.When the meat starts getting cooked it changes colour and starts releasing oil.Garam Masala(combination of cardomom pods,clove,cinnamon sticks powdered),chilli powder(optional) is added to the mutton mixture along with the potatoes.After mixing the potates ,garam masala and meat sufficient hot water is poured in the vessel so that the meat and potatoes get dipped in water completely.

If pressure cooker is being used then contents in the cooker is set to boil.The water is boiled till sufficent water evaporates such that meat pieces become visile partially.Lid of the cooker is closed and 5 whistles of the cooker (2 long and 3 of small duration)are blown.

If any other cooking vessel apart from cooker is being used then the a little more water than used in cooker is to be used.When the meat starts getting sufficiently visible then the potatoes and a piece can be checked whether they have got cooked.If cooked the we are almost done.

A little powdered garam masala along with chopped coriander is spinkled ove the meat and mixed.

The curry goes well with puri(puffed bread) or steamed rice.If steamed rice is used then diced lemon is a good supplement along with the curry.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chingri Maccher Bhaape

I heard Madhur Jaffrey pronounce it this way "Chingri Maccher Bhaape".Prawns cooked in a gravy of mustard seeds and coconut.A mouth watering dish this is I must say. And very easy to cook with not much procedures.