Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mur porisoy jhilmilor(nopes khutura) hoitey( My first introduction to Jhilmil)

The lunch hour in office is one of the most happening hours in office.Gossips,tasty food,tips on cooking ,health tips etc etc.
The other day one of my colleagues offered dal cooked with some green leaves.Initially I was sceptical to have it but when i put the first spoon in mouth i felt greens are not that distasteful.I asked her the name of the leaves and she told "Totakura"(Amaranth Leaves).The same day i went to the grocery shop as i was very eager to know how they looked.I felt i had seen them before but unfortunately i didnot know the assamese name for it.Even though i dint know the name I started preparing it and i really like it.It was only recently when amidst a conversation madhurima bou told me that it is jhilmil.I really felt ashamed.All these years my mom used to force me into eating greens.My parents have always given me lessons on identifying green but i had hardly paid any interest.I had never any interest and neither did i find them tasty.Five years have passed since i left my homeland and now I yearn for home food.Too much of spices,red chilli powder have taken a toll on my stomach.I now realise how much heavenly the bland food of my homeland is.Now i yearn for "puthis mach","dhekiya haak","lai haak".I donot know how i have begun liking the taste of all which i hardly touched .I really miss them now that i donot get them here.
Of late i have started cooking most of the dishes in the country style.I am taking classes over the phone from mom and mom-in-law and am reading web-sites.Reading these websites I have come to know abt the english names of the many of the vegetables.I admit people have done quite a bit of research before making these websites ."Thekera tenga" is mangosteen,"Jhilmil Haak"
is amaranth leaves,"Ou Tenga" is elephant apple.

One can find a lot of variety when it comes to vegetables in Assam.The same can be expected from Assamese Cuisine.

My origin goes to Laina gaon in Tinsukia Distt.However i have got relatives from lower part of Assam also.I have noticed that the cooking styles of both the regions differ.My friend and my sis who have studied anthropology say that the cooking style depends on availability of vegetables or spices .Hence the variance.Then a possibility of influence of the place of origin of the people can not be ruled out.A myriad of recipes in total .I am on my own way to find cook these and put them up in this blog.Hope I am able to do justice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pitika Special

ALU PITIKA(Mashed potatoes)

This dish can serve four people and it should be served while the dish is warm.
4-5 medium sized potatoes.
One onion
Spring Onions
Green Chillies
Oil (Assamese use mustard oil)

First the potatoes should be boiled and their skin should be peeled off.Next the boiled potatoes are mashed.The spring onions,onions and the chillies are cut into small pieces and added to the mashed stuff.Half spoon oil and salt to taste.Alu pitika is ready to be served.
(If oil from pickled chillies is used it tastes yummier.I have also mashed a boiled egg along with the potatoes)


BENGENA PITIKA(Mashed brinjal)


One big brinjal
Coriander leaves or spring onions
Little Oil

Bake the brinjal by putting it over the gas or in oven.Peel off the skin and take out the pulp.Onions,coriander or spring onions ,chillies are cut into small pieces and added to the brinjal pulp.Ginger is cut into small pieces and added.Salt is sprinked and half spoon of oil is added to the mixture.All the ingredients should be mixed well.Also the dish should be served as soon as it is prepared.

Tita Bhekuri pitika

Tita Bhekuri is a fruit found in Assam which is bitter in taste but has got many medicinal values.If you like eating bitter then possibly you will like this

Ingredients: Tita Bhekuri

Just Boil the bhekuri Tita and mash them with oil chillies and onions adn the recipe is ready to be eaten.

Prawns with Bamboo Shoots

In Assamese the respective names for prawns and bamboo shoots:

Misa Mach(Prawns)
Bah Gaj(Bamboo Shoots)
This recipe is a hot and sour combination.
The ingredients required for this recipe are

Bamboo Shoots
Green Chillies
Quantity of bah gaj and onions should be same and should be more than the prawns.Also make in small quantity for the first time. I had used dried prawns.Fresh ones can also be used.


Just fry the prawns and when they turn golden brown add the shoots,cut onions and green chillies let it get fried till the water gets dried.Add salt and the dish is ready

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