Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pitika Special

ALU PITIKA(Mashed potatoes)

This dish can serve four people and it should be served while the dish is warm.
4-5 medium sized potatoes.
One onion
Spring Onions
Green Chillies
Oil (Assamese use mustard oil)

First the potatoes should be boiled and their skin should be peeled off.Next the boiled potatoes are mashed.The spring onions,onions and the chillies are cut into small pieces and added to the mashed stuff.Half spoon oil and salt to taste.Alu pitika is ready to be served.
(If oil from pickled chillies is used it tastes yummier.I have also mashed a boiled egg along with the potatoes)


BENGENA PITIKA(Mashed brinjal)


One big brinjal
Coriander leaves or spring onions
Little Oil

Bake the brinjal by putting it over the gas or in oven.Peel off the skin and take out the pulp.Onions,coriander or spring onions ,chillies are cut into small pieces and added to the brinjal pulp.Ginger is cut into small pieces and added.Salt is sprinked and half spoon of oil is added to the mixture.All the ingredients should be mixed well.Also the dish should be served as soon as it is prepared.

Tita Bhekuri pitika

Tita Bhekuri is a fruit found in Assam which is bitter in taste but has got many medicinal values.If you like eating bitter then possibly you will like this

Ingredients: Tita Bhekuri

Just Boil the bhekuri Tita and mash them with oil chillies and onions adn the recipe is ready to be eaten.


  1. tita bhekuri pitika je khabo nuari dei!!! i was close to throwing up once after eating tita bhekuri!!

  2. Tita Bhekuri can also be replaced by Tita Kerela.. which I prefer more :-)

  3. tita bhekuri is the same as bitter gourd, ie karela ??

  4. No tita bhekuri is not as same as kerela..These are small green round in shape