Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prawns with Bamboo Shoots

In Assamese the respective names for prawns and bamboo shoots:

Misa Mach(Prawns)
Bah Gaj(Bamboo Shoots)
This recipe is a hot and sour combination.
The ingredients required for this recipe are

Bamboo Shoots
Green Chillies
Quantity of bah gaj and onions should be same and should be more than the prawns.Also make in small quantity for the first time. I had used dried prawns.Fresh ones can also be used.


Just fry the prawns and when they turn golden brown add the shoots,cut onions and green chillies let it get fried till the water gets dried.Add salt and the dish is ready

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  1. ah!! this has got the potential to be at the top of the list!!! Can even make it to the continental platter!!!

  2. @ Mitul

    I don't think it can be classified as Continental. Conti food is heavy on sauces (white mostly) and vegetables.

    This can be part of the South East Asian platter :-D