Monday, November 23, 2009

Misa Mas Bhoja(Fried Prawns)

Simply fried prawns could be an excellent starter for a non-vegetarian dinner .The prawns with/without scales should be cleaned thoroughly.Then turmeric,salt and prawns are mixed well.Oil is heated in a frying pan and after adding whole garlic cloves ,a few cumin seeds ,the prawns are fried.We need not deep fry them.On turning golden chillies slit into two along the length and diced onions are added.Stir frying continues till the onions melt.Simple and yummy!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mutton Curry Assamese Style(Courtesy :Mukut & Manashi )

This mutton curry would not have been tasty had it not been for Mukut .He selected good meat for the curry .Secondly must thank Manashi for cooking it so fabulous .Not everybody can make good mutton curry.The meat smells if correct amount of spices are not added.We assamese are not used to excessive spices.Hence the correct proportion of spices,oil contributes to a good mutton curry.Here's manashi's recipe:


Mutton (medium size pieces)
Potatoes(medium size each diced into two)
Spices(Garam Masala)
Adequate amount of Ginger Garlic Onion Chillies paste
Diced onions,crushed garlic
Red Chilli powder(Little)
Red Chilli whole
Mustard Oil
Bay Leaf

The meat is marinated with a little turmeric,ginger garlic onion chillies paste ,vinegar,little mustard oil,salt.Sufficient amount of the paste should be kept aside for use later.

Mustard Oil is heated .Bubbles will form in the oil when sufficiently hot.
First the potatoes are fried coated with turmeric and salt and fried in oil till half fried.On turning slightly brown in colour they are brought out of oil.The garlic ginger chillies and onion paste is now added to the hot oil.
Diced onions are added along with crushed garlic.Bayleaf and two whole red chillies are added.A nice aroma of crushed garlic and bayleaf will fill the air.The paste kept aside will be added to oil.The mixture is now fried till golden brown and till the oil starts getting released from the mixture.Marinated mutton is added to the mixture and fried well with the mixture.The gas is kept in high flame.The mutton starts releasing water and frequently the mutton should be turned in the cooking utensil.When the meat starts getting cooked it changes colour and starts releasing oil.Garam Masala(combination of cardomom pods,clove,cinnamon sticks powdered),chilli powder(optional) is added to the mutton mixture along with the potatoes.After mixing the potates ,garam masala and meat sufficient hot water is poured in the vessel so that the meat and potatoes get dipped in water completely.

If pressure cooker is being used then contents in the cooker is set to boil.The water is boiled till sufficent water evaporates such that meat pieces become visile partially.Lid of the cooker is closed and 5 whistles of the cooker (2 long and 3 of small duration)are blown.

If any other cooking vessel apart from cooker is being used then the a little more water than used in cooker is to be used.When the meat starts getting sufficiently visible then the potatoes and a piece can be checked whether they have got cooked.If cooked the we are almost done.

A little powdered garam masala along with chopped coriander is spinkled ove the meat and mixed.

The curry goes well with puri(puffed bread) or steamed rice.If steamed rice is used then diced lemon is a good supplement along with the curry.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chingri Maccher Bhaape

I heard Madhur Jaffrey pronounce it this way "Chingri Maccher Bhaape".Prawns cooked in a gravy of mustard seeds and coconut.A mouth watering dish this is I must say. And very easy to cook with not much procedures.

Ridge Gourd Soup

Ridge gourd is peeled and diced and boiled along with turmeric ,salt in water till the ridge gourd becomes tender.Chopped ginger is added to the hot soup and ridge gourd soup is ready.(A must try)

Tawa Chicken

If you want to have low fat chicken this recipe could be the one for you.It can also be an excellent lip smacking starter

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ash Gourd and Duck Meat(Jati Lau aru Haanh Manxo)

Aubergine Duck Meat(Bengena aru Haanh Manxo)

Duck is as much favorite among the Assamese as the other non-vegetarian dish."Raaj Haanh " or the "Royal Swan" is tastiest of the ducks found in Assam.

Ducks require to be cleaned thoroughly before cooking .At first the duck should be put in hot water .This removes the feathers which cling to the meat.Duck also has got fine hair .Hence the duck skin should be heated slightly by rolling the duck over gas flame or in an oven.Otherwise if put in a heater the duck should be tossed in short interval so that the skin gets roasted .If the duck is already cut then the above procedures should also be followed for the cut meat.


Ginger Garlic Paste
Onions sliced
Aubergine cut into pieces


The roasted duck should be marinated with ginger garlic paste and onions with slight oil for half an hour.Now sliced onions should be sauteed in a pan .Once the onions become transparent the marinated meat should be added to the onions in the pan.Intially the pan should be covered.This will make the meat release all the water content and the meat gets cooked in the steam produced in the pan.Intially the meat will turn white in colour .In short intervals the pan contents should be stirred .When the contents become slight brown in colour the lid is removed and the water is now allowed to evaporate.When the water content gets almost evaporated the chopped aubergine is added .The duck meat releases oil and the aubergine gets cooked in the oil released.The meat turn dark brown in colour and the aubergine tastes lovely.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pitika II

Recently I had dried bamboo shoots and had kept them in a bottle with mustard oil.My sister(Deepa Baideu) told that mashed potatoes (pitika) and pickled bamboo shoots is a delight.


Pickled Bamboo shoots
Boiled Potatoes

Boil the potatoes and mash them.Add a little pickled bamboo shoots along with a little pickle oil.The dish is ready.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lessons Down South II

Raw Banana :

This south indian dish curry leaves ,dhaniya and mint leaves along with seasoning seeds.


Curry Leaves
Few Roasted Gram
Black gram
Chopped Coriander
Mustard Seeds
(I also used Kala zeera)


The seasoning seeds along with curry leaves are fried in oil.When the aroma emanates from the fried item the finely chopped round (or half round)banana slices are added.The banana is mixed well with the seasoning.And the cooking pot covered and the flame is kept low.Time to time the contents of the cooking pot should be stirred.A spoon is used to break one of the pieces .This makes us check whether the pieces have got cooked.The banana pieces become soft on getting cooked.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Little Garden

Of late I have started off with gardening.I am wondering whether to call it a hobby or a fleeting experience.It has been three months and I am not bored with it yet.But three months is sufficient to see the results.Nevertheless I have to thank little mainu for helping me start off.I know the limits of my patience and had it not been for her the idea of having a garden would not have taken off.My parents come from an agricultural background and have maintained a kitchen garden whenever they have got the opportunity ,space,time but I never had the interest in it.

A series of events in the family and I made up my mind to set up my garden.Difficukt it is to grow them and see them not bear fruits.But then I have realised that we may not get the reward everytime we put an effort.

I started off the first day of mixing the soil and sowing the seeds with an inhibition .What if the garden does not come up.The first surprise came within two-five days of sowing the seeds .Since we had no idea we were puzzled to see a plant popping out to a height on the very first day itself.These were the pumpkin plants .
Now one may think how did we come to know ?While examining one of the plants we saw the seed wide open,coated with mud sticking to one of the leaves.It was like a discovery for us . No other plant was visible in the brown patch except for these.I had lost hope on the tomatoes.So every morning and evening I would water them.Intially the plant looked like this.

Subsequently leaves grew and were different from the ones that came out first.
A look at the different stages.

As the plants grows after the broad leaves tendrils start growing.I really wonder how the tendrils get hold of object and coil around them.It is as they send some signals and from whichever direction there is a reflection they head start in that.
Slowly they started moving from one corner to the other .It was as if superman was moving .

Flower buds came.The first flower did give me immense pleasure .And when it bloomed it was wonderful.Till then there was no sight of any pumpkin growing anywhere.Only flowers .Some times as many as 8 blossom.Suddenly a tiny flower with a round bulb was visible.People back home had explained how the first one would look and it was there.The people back home also advised me not to look at it too often saying it spoils the plants.And yes they were true .The first one got spoiled after a few days.It was not due to any bad omen but insect infection.I am hoping for some more to grow.I even have taken tips for saving a pumpkin bud the next time.Hope the tips work.The journey of the pumkins have been till this place.If any updates are there will soon post a thought :)

Pumpkin Flowers II(Fritter)

The moment i told manashi that flowers are blooming in the garden immediately a recipe popped out from her mouth.It has been handed down to her by her mother and I thank her for sharing the same with me.


A thick batter is prepared by mixing besan and water.Onions ,chillies are mixed with the batter.The Flowers are dipped in the batter and fried in low heat in a vessel.

Pumpkin Flowers(Fritter)

These days pumpkin flowers are blooming in my garden.I will call it my fortune to have them in my small kitchen garden and at the same time have the gracious presence of Deepa Baideu(Sis) at my place.Apart from being a great cook she is also an expert gardener.These flowers had started blooming and every day I could see some two to three flowers .But on this particular day I had eight of them.And she made some lovely pumpkin flowers.

Pumpkin flowers are a rich source of beta carotene.And this is one best way of having them.


a)An egg or two.
b)An onion
d)Leek if possible

Beat an egg in a bowl.Chop the chillies ,leek and onions into small pieces and mix with the beaten egg.Take a flower and roll the flower in the batter.Heat little oil in a pan.Fry the flowers in low heat .And the flowers are ready.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Koldil aru Manxo(Dry)

Ou Tenga-Dhekiya Xaak aru Mas

Lessons Down South

After coming down to southern part of India I have got the opportunity to meet people from all over India.Over the last four years this association has provided me the opportunity to learn newer things .

I have tried to learn quite many recipes here and most of them are the ones regularly cooked at home.I have to thank my colleagues and friends for sharing these lovely recipes with me.However I have tried to use minimal amount of spice,assamese seasoning and have used mustard oil for the recipes which gives an assamese style to south indian recipes.

1)Beans with coconut:(A Kerala Recipe)

The seasoning used down south is gram seed,mustard seed,zeera,black gram seed,methi seed.However I have used only zeera and mustard seeds.


d)Seasoning:The south Indian seasoning adds more flavour to the dish.

Beans are finely chopped along with the green chillies.Coconut is grated and kept aside.

2 teaspoons Oil is heated in a pan.Zeera and mustard seeds are added.Once the seeds start crackling chopped beans are added and stir fried.The beans are allowed to get cooked in low flame and the pan is now covered.Now and then beans should be stirred .This avoids the beans getting over cooked.The beans get cooked with its own water content.On getting cooked and while in low steam grated coconut is sprinkled over the beans and covered.On covering immediately the gas should be turned off.

The sabzi is ready.


On the same lines as the above mentioned recipe the following can be prepared. However a little variation adds more flavour to the dish.

a)Shredded cabbage
b)Grated coconut
c)Boiled gram (optional)
d)Curry Leaves
f)Seasoning(south indian)
g)Coriander leaves(optional)

The oil 2 tablespoons is heated in a kadhai and to the hot oil seasoning seeds are added along with the curry leaves.The Cabbage and the boiled grams are added to the oil .The stove is set to low flame and the kadhai is kept covered.Once in a while the contents should be stirred.The water content in the cabbage makes it get cooked and when the water in the cabbage gets dried completely the cabbage gets cooked.Just before the flame is put off the grated coconut is added and the lid of the kadhai covered.After say 15 mins of cooling the coconut and cabbage is mixed and the dish is ready.

3)Majjiga Pulusu

I hope I am spelling the name correctly.I had it for the first time at my office lunch table.Extremely tasty and soothing for a hot afternoon.


Seasoning seeds
Grated Coconut
Curry Leaves
Bottle Gourd

Cut down one fourth of a bottle gourd into small pieces .Heat oil in a frying pan and when hot add seasoning seeds .Also add curry leaves and green chillies .The bottle gourd now needs to be fried in this oil till the water content in the gourd gets dried.Buttermilk is now poured into this and when the mixture in on the verge of getting boiled coconut is added and the dish is ready.The stove is put off.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jika mas aru horiyoh(ridge gourd,fish,yellow mustard seeds)


Jika-2 nos(Ridge Gourd cut along its length and then sliced into 1 inch pieces)
Horiyoh paste(Yellow mustard pieces ground into a paste)
Onions-2 (made into a paste)
Garlic -(paste)

Preparation procedure:

The onion paste is first fried in hot mustard oil.Oil used is minimum.

Once the onions get brown crushed garlic is added which is soon followed by the bayleaf and jika pieces.

When the jika pieces shrink completely mustard seeds are added and after a quick stir fry water is added and gravy is set to boil .On getting boiled fried fish or prawns are added.

The gravy is set to boil further on low steam so that the fishes get soaked in completely in the gravy.

Dhekiya Xaak aru guti alu bhoja(Ferns with small potatoes)

Guti alu (small potatoes cut into two) are fried in hot oil(little) along with turmeric, chillies and onions .Salt is sprinkled over the mixture.When the potatoes get half cooked dhekiya xaak chopped finely are added to the potatoes.Water should get evaporated from the vessel.After the water gets evaporated completely the vessel is kept on low flame for sometime and stirred.

Masor konir pakoda(Fritter made using fish eggs)

Fish eggs are mixed with onions,chopped chillies, a little wheat flour ,turmeric and a little salt.The using a spoon the batter is dipped in hot oil.When the batter solidifies in the oil they are turned so that the other sides get cooked.

Pura mas pitika (baked fish mashed with potatoes)

The fishes are intially cleaned and small cuts are made .They are then pierced in a khorikaa(which is a thin pointed stick) and put in an oven or tandoor.Care is to be taekn so that the fishes donot get burnt too much.The sticks are rolled frequently so that the entire fish gets baked.

The fishes on getting baked look as shown in the picture below

Boiled potatoes are mashed with chillies,finely cut onions,little mustard oil and coriander leaves(optinal).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mint Chicken(Pudina Manxo)


Ginger Garlic paste
Pudina (Mint Leaves)
Chicken pieces marinated with turmeric and salt


1)Onions and ginger garlic paste are fried in hot mustard oil.Little oil should be used.

2)Chicken pieces are added and fried with the paste.

3)The chicken starts getting cooked.The vessel is covered and time to time the contents are stirred.

4)When the water evaporates completely and when the pieces get cooked water is added according to the amount on consistency required.Mint chutney is now added to the gravy and boiled.When the gravy thickens the dish becomes ready to be served

Mint Chutney preparation:

Garlic 3-4 cloves
Mint leaves
1 tomato finely chopped
Little Tamarind(Optional)
Little Sugar(Optional)
Salt to taste

The above ingredients are finely ground into a paste.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ronga Lau aru Kol Posola(Pumpkin and banana stem)


Pumpkin pieces cut small
1 Onion cut small
Ginger Garlic paste
Pas phuron (Seasoning seeds)
Banana Stem(kol posola cut into small pieces)
Turmeric powder
Zeera Dhaniya Powder


Little oil is heated and pas phuron is added to the hot oil.As soon as the seeds crackle the onion pieces,chillies along with ginger garlic paste are sauteed.When the colour of the onions start changing pumpkin pieces are added.The contents are fried well and after some time the kol posola pieces are added.Together the contents are stir fried and then the vessel is covered with a lid and the flame of the burner is kept low.The contents of the vessel should be stirred from time to time and then again the vessel should be covered.The pumpkin pieces melt and become pulpy.Now a lot of vapour gets generated as the contents are cooked covered.The mixture is still kept on low flame but uncovered so that the contents gets dried.On getting dried the dish gets ready.

Best way to have it is with roti or bora saul(sticky rice)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kosu Alur torkari

I never thought kosu alur would be so tasty .I also had the least faith in somesh's culinary skills.But after having this I must admit that my friend somesh knows cooking to some extent(:P ).


Tomatoes(2 of them finely chopped)
Zeera Dhaniya powder

Cooking procedure:

The colocasia are boiled and cut into small pieces

Mustard Oil is heated in a vessel to which seera dhaniya and turmeric is added.

Tomatoes are added along with chillies to the oil.The contents are fried till the tomatoes turn pulpy

The colocasia are now added to the vessel and mixed with tomato pulp.The flame is kept low and the contents are mixed after short intervals.

Patot diya Mas(Fish baked inside banana leaves)

Bilahi Tok (Tomato Chutney)

Bilahi tok or tomato chutney is served generally as a side dish.It used to be a sidedish in marriages.Normally assamese people have it with puris .


1)Pas Phuron
2)Tomatoes finely chopped.(I used 3 of them)
3)Dates(The more the sweeter.The seeds are separated )
5)Salt to taste

Preparation Procedure:

Mustard oil is heated in a pan.Pas Phuron and chillies are added.

As soon as the seeds crackle the seedless dates are added to the oil .

When the dates start melting tomatoes are added.

The mixture is now fried in low flame till the tomatoes turn into a pulpy paste.

Bilahi Tok is ready to be served.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bengena Fry(EggPlant Fritter )

Fritters are coated in batter and then deep fried.Usually the batter used for eggplant fritter is besan(gram powder),turmeric,salt.However I have made using turmeric and salt only.Also the eggplant should be fried in mustard oil.I will put a second pic when i make the exact fry.

Ronga Lau aru Sozina(Pumpkin with Drumsticks)

Saturday is the only day in the week when i have tried not to fail to make vegetarian dishes.My mom is a beleiver of astrology and respecting her beleif I prefer to have vegetarina on these days.

Ingredients required:

1)Pumpkin cut into small pices(Small pieces makes way to easy cooking)

2)Pas Phuron(Seasoning seeds) i.e Black Cumin Seeds,Aniseed,Fenugreek seeds,Mustard Seed,white mustard seeds.

3)Garlic clove crushed.

4)Zeera chaniya powder

5)Drumsticks(The skin is peeled off and cut into 5 cm length sticks)

6)Onions-1 chopped



Initially the pas phuron or the five varities of seeds which are taken in a very small quantity are fried in heated mustard oil.Then The crushed garlic cloves are fried.When the smell of fried garlic (which I like a lot) comes then onions are fried and soon after the pumpkin pieces are put in.The contents are mixed in the frying pan and then allowed to get fried in low steam.The frying pan is covered with a lid.The contents are stirred or mixed from time to time.Now how do we know that the dish is cooked?Just need to prod the pieces.On getting cooked they break down on being prodded.In about half an hour the pumpkin pieces should melt down .The pumpkin pieces are mashed and drumsticks added and cooked for say 15 more mins in low flame.

However if it does not happen we need to pour in a little water and allow it to get cooked further.The drumsticks are added and when the water gets dried the pumpkin pieces are mashed

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pudina Chutney(Mint Chutney)


1)Pudina leaves
2)Garlic 3-4
3)Tomato 1
4)Tamarind 2-3 pieces soaked in water.


This chutney is made as a hot and sweet or hot and sour chutney.The pudina leaves,tomatoes,garlic ,tamarind,chillies,sugar,salt are made into a paste .If a hot and sweet combinations chutney is to be made sweet tamarind can also be used insted of sugar.

If a hot and sour combinations is preferred then tamarind or lime is added.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Koldil aru Manxo(Chicken with Banana Flower)


1)Koldil finely chopped
2)Chillies chopped
3)Onions and ginger garlic paste
4)Chicken marinated with turmeric and salt.

Cooking Procedure:
Mustard Oil is heated in a kerahi(kadhai).The onions are fried till golden brown. Ginger Garlic paste is added along with the chillies and fried.The marinated chicken will be fried and when it gets half fried the finely chopped koldil is added.The contents are fried properly and water is added.The gravy is set to boil .

Friday, March 6, 2009


Do you want to taste Assamese Food?Well I am still trying to find out if any eatery exists outside Assam.But a few do exist in Guwahati.Following are the names of restaurants serving assamese cuisine.All of them are in Guwahati.

First Floor,Kamal C Plaza,
Opposite Bora Service Bus Stop,
GS Road.

Landmark:Bora Service Bus Stop.

2)Paradise Airport
LGBI Airport,

Chandmari Colony,
LandMark:Opposite to Assam Tribune Office

Near Ganeshguri Flyover,

Zoo Tiniali Bus Stop.

5)Akow Juti Logai Khau
Near Ganesh Mandir
LandMark:Divine Wedding Lodge


Nursery Bus Stop.

Apart from these restaurants another good option would be to visit cultural festivals in Assam.These days there has been initiative in organizing cultural festivals in Assam.All the communities of Assam participate .The communities showcase their culture in these events.And one can take the pleasure of having a sumptous ethnic Assamese Cuisine.

April 02/09

Following are the festivals wherein you can expect a food festival.

1)Dehing-Patkai Festival

2)Majuli Festival

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kordoi (Carambola or star fruit)

Kordoi is yet another fruit which you will be finding only in eastern India as compared to the rest of the country.They are mostly sour when unripe.The fruit can be cut mixed with salt and chillies and perfect time to have this could be after a siesta in summer season.
Chutneys ,pickles are also prepared using this fruit.Some people also use it as a vegetable and have it with fish.

Chutney Preparation:


2 kordoi cut into small pieces
Sugar and Salt

Oil is heated in a saucepan and the kordoi pieces are fried with chillies,salt and sugar added.The frying continues till the pieces turn into a pulp.It can be used as a side dish.

Pas Phuron can also be used for seasoning

Part II:

Just cut the fruit .Mix the fruit with salt and chillies.Have it in after an afternoon siesta ....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ou Tengar chutney


1)Ou Tenga(Elephant apple)
2)Sugar or jaggery
3)Pas Phuron (Cumin,coriander,methi,saunf,kala zeera)


1)The Ou Tenga should be ground in a mixie or can be cut into small pieces.
2)Heat a little oil in a kerahi and then when the oil gets heated put in a little pas phuron along with a little turmeric.
3)When the crackling sound is heard the Ou tenga pieces are put and fried along with chillies,sugar and salt.

Too much fry will make the dish bitter.

NB Pas phuron is a mixture of cumin,mustard,fenugreek,aniseed,black zeera or cumin

Ou Tenga Masor Jhol(Fish curry with elephant apple)

Most of the assamese people like this fruit/vegetable.I have made the dish with prawns.Other varieties of fish can also be used for making this recipe.

Ingredients for this assamese recipe:

2)Elephant apple(1/4)cut into small pieces.The outer scales are used for cooking.
3)Onions chopped(1)
6)Mustard Oil.


Little oil is heated in a saucepan.To the hot oil onions are added along with tomatoes.The tomato pieces are frie till the water evaporates.To the pulp now the elephant apple pieces are added along with chillies and salt and stir fried.Water is added and the gravy is set to boil.On getting boiled the prawns are added.The gravy is boiled for some more time till the gravy thickens.If raw fish is used the gravy should be boiled till the fish gets cooked.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ou Tenga(Elephant apple)

For the fellow assamese who have forgotten the vegetable I am putting up a pic.I know that I should not underestimate people but then there could be a possibilty that someone has heard of the vegetable but is not being able to identify it.

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Bet Gaaj(Rattan Shoot)

Bet Gaaj is famous for making furniture.But very few communities also use tender shoots as vegetable.People having a crave for bitter eatables will like this.The outer cover of the shoots is peeled off and the white soft tissue is cooked.Generally the soft part is cut into small pieces and fried in oil.Or the pieces are boiled with black gram.The pieces are sometimes boiled and mashed with oil chillies,onions to make a pitika.

Fish with Asiatic Pennywort(Manimuni haak aru mas)


1)Onions -1 finely chopped
2)Ginger Garlic paste
3)Chopped Tomato

Cooking procedure:

1)Heat a little oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Add onions along with ginger garlic paste

2)After stir frying a little the chopped tomato along with turmeric and salt is added.

3)The mixture is fried till the tomato loses all water.

4)Water is poured and the gravy is set to boil.

5)On getting boiled the leaves and the fishes are dipped in the gravy and boiled futher .

6)The gravy should turn pale yellow.Fish with manimuni is ready.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicken with Mustard Green(Manxo aru Lai Xaak)

Ingredients for this delicacy:

a)Chicken cut into small pieces.
b)Mustard Green(The amount shoule be half or less than the chicken amount)
c)Ginger Garlic paste
d)Onions diced

Cooking Procedure:

1)Mix the chicken with salt ,turmeric ,little oil and keep aside.
2)Heat mustard oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Little oil is needed.
3)Saute the onions ,ginger garlic paste,chillies.
4)When the mixture starts releasing oil the chicken is put into the kerahi and fried in low flame.The kerahi is covered
5)In short intervals the lid is removed and the contents stirred.
6)When the meat gets almost cooked the mustard greens are added.And the contents are fried still at a low flame.The mustard greens shrink fast.As soon as the chicken gets cooked we can put it off the flame.

Note :
If a gravy style is preferred then extra water may be added and then the greens should be added.