Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maan dhaniya paator chutney(Chutney prepared using Eryngo,Culantro)

It seems these leaves are also known as vietnamese coriander or mexican coriander.A hot and sour chutney is prepared by my mom-in-law using these leaves.However I prefer the hot and sweet one.

A possible way to have this chutney could be like this

Narikolor Laru(Sweet made from coconut and sugar)

My mom in law has made these sweets. It takes alot of effort to make such white laddus

Masor Tenga with Madhuhuleng xaak

I have been trying but have not been able to find the english name for this plant.This plant is sour in taste and adds sourness to the curry(jhol)prepared.

Madhhuleng Xaak

Cooking Procedure:
1)In saucepan water is brought to boil.
2)To the boiled water turmeric ,onions,chillies are added .
3)Soon after the leaves are added.The gravy should turn into a pale yellow colour.
4)Fried fish is now dipped into the gravy.The gravy needs a little more boil with the fishes before it is ready.


Second procedure:
Say u donot like it in the only boiled style which is most healthy way of eating it then a little twist can be added to the above recipe


Cumin Seeds
Mustard Seed
Fenugreek seeds
1 potato cut into long slices
1 onion

Cooking procedure:

1)The potatoes and the fish pieces are half fried and kept aside.
2)Heat Oil in a kerahi and add the seeds. Sliced Onion and a little turmeric is added .
3)The leaves aand potatoes are added and after a little stir fry water is added.
4)Salt is now added and the gravy is boiled.When the gravy starts bubbling fishes are added.
5)The flame is lowered and the gravy is still allowed to boil for 10 more mins on low flame.

Lai Xaak(mustard green)

It is known as mustard green in English.

The smell of cooked Lai Xaak brings water to my mouth.In our house we generally have it fried or as salad or with pork

Friday, January 30, 2009

Assamese Cuisine

It seems the word cuisine means the practices and traditions associated with a specific culture.Cuisines today are influenced by the ingredients locally available and through trade.I certainly agree with this viewpoint.Definetely food of a certain place was characterized by whatever grew or was reared but as transportation became cheaper and easier people could also relish eating something not grown in their own soil.

Assam is a land of mixed culture.And I have read from many sources that the cuisine of this land is influenced by neighbouring states and neighbouring countries (i.e.Burma,Thailand).The other day i was searching for the English name of Lai Xaak and I ended up searching in a foreign site which through its website sells greens grown in japan,vietnam,korea,china.I really dont know if it grows in any other state of India.

History of this region cites that visitors to this region of the country has mostly been from South East Asian countries which perhaps accounts for their influence in the cuisine.The manner in which gravy(watery) in these countries are prepared is very much similiar to ours.The gravy will neither be rich in oil nor onions .
The little spices that are used could possibly be the influence of the neighboruing states.

Rice is the staple food of Assam.Mostly the people are non-vegetarian.But then a wide range of vegetables and greens are found in our state and a wide range of vegetarian dishes are also prepared.If you happen to visit a restaurant for Assamese Cuisine you will possibly be served Khar anja(dish made with raw papaya ),Masor Tenga(a sour fish curry),Manxo(preferably Duck meat),Bengena Pura,Mati Mahor Dal(Black Gram).I am citing only the possibilities.

Assamese Food owes more to the combination of various vegetables rather than spice.The combination of the vegetables with meat ,fish adds flavour to the respective dishes without the need of spice other than ginger garlic.

Health Conscious?Try assamese food without a second thought.

Chicken with Ash Gourd

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lau bilahi khorisa aru mas (Bottle gourd,bamboo shoots,tomatoes and fish)

I had this dish for the first time at Dhunu's place.We had been neighbours for 10 years .I had never expected her to cook so fabulous coz I had never seen her cooking.I was amazed at first when I saw her handle a lunch party cooking for 10-12 people.

The curry was extremely tasty and it suited the hot afternoon.It is similar to lau tenga.

Lou(Bottle Gourd)-(If cooking for two people say just two inches of lou need to be cut)
Bilahi(Tomatoes)-2 small(I have used tomato puree)
Gaaj(Bamboo Shoots)-(1 tea spoon)
Fish(Four pieces)
Coriander leaves(Dhaniya)
Yellow Mustard Seeds paste
And she has strictly instructed me to cook in mustard oil.

The oil needs to be heated in a kadhai to which cumin seeds,methi,mustard seeds are added.When the seeds crackle lou is added and is fried till the water from it evaporates.Chopped tomatoes are added and even for the tomatoes the water is allowed to evaporate.When the cooked mass shrinks water is added and allowed to get boiled.When the water boils the mustard paste is added along with the fried fish .After say 10 mins the kadhai is put off the flame and lemon is squeezed .Chopped coriander is also added.The dish is ready to be served.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kol Posola(Banana Stem)

The bark of the banana stem which we buy from market needs to be peeled off before cooking.The tender part of the stem is used for cooking.I have also had it raw(Kerala Style) .Jyothi had brought for lunch.She just cut the stem into small pieces,put dahi,onion and then seasoned it with mustard seeds and red chillies.

However in Assam we cook and have it.the tender inner of the stem is cut into small pieces.Intially oil is heated and onions with garlic ,cumin seeds,mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds are fried in oil.When the seeds crackle the cut pieces are put into the kadhai(utensil).All the ingredients are fried well.A little hot water is poured into the kadhai so that the contents get cooked easily.The kadhai is covered and put to simmer.And once the water evaporates the dish is ready.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kosu Xaak(Colocasia Leaves)

I donot know if the name should be "kosu thuri" or "kosu thur".But then my mom makes the dish with the leafy part of the colocasia plant.Tender ones are used for cooking.The stem of this plant is also used for cooking.However the dish cooked with the leaves is my favourite of the two.


Colocasia Leaves
One tomato
Very little masur dal
Dhaniya Powder
Zeera Powder
Pepper(2 to 3)
2-3 pieces of crushed Garlic

The tender leaves should be washed first and chopped finely.The tomato should also be chopped.

First of all, water is boiled with turmeric in it .When the water gets boiled the chopped leaves should be put into the cooker along with masur dal.The cooker should be closed now and heated in low flame.Three to four whistles are allowed to be blown.After the cooker cools down zeera ,dhaniya powder along with tomato and pepper garlic are put into the cooker .Kohlrabi(Ul kobi),Indian Beans(Urahi),Peas(Mottor) can be added.Once again the contents are boiled.After 1 whistle the cooker can be put off the flame.

It seems this dish is good for people with pharynxitis .People beleieve that this dish clears throat infections.Also ginger should never be used with these leaves.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mati Mahor Dali(Black gram)

Maati Dal is prepared in two ways in our house.Maati mahor khar and Mati mahor gazi

Maati Mahor Khar:

The Black gram is first roasted in a kadhai.Then the roasted dal is washed and boiled in a pressure cooker.On getting boiled a pinch of baking soda or kol khar is added to it and the dal is boiled further with the lid of the pressure cooker open.Now ginger garlic paste is added and after boilng for 10 more mins the dal is ready.

Maati Mahor gazi:

For this dish the black gram is just boiled .Then in a kadhai onions ginger garlic paste ,tumeric,Bay leaves are fried in little oil.The boiled dal is poured into the kadhai and the dal is ready to be served.

Koldil Sobzi(Banana Flower Sabzi)

The Koldil is just like a mystery when u see it for the first time.Removing the cover of the vegetable is just like unwrapping birthday presents .Unrwap unrwap and eventually we will find the gift - i.e. the part which is cooked.While unwraping the vegetable in each fold the flowers are found which can also be cooked.

We just need to cut the white part and then fry it with onions and put little amount of jeera and dhaniya powder.It is just wonderful....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tenga Mora Haak aru Mas (Fish Curry with Roselle Leaves)

Assamese Cuisine is one of the most easiest to cook perhaps.It does not require much of preparation beforehand.In one way it can be said that it is "Easy to Make & Ready to eat".
TengaMora leaves or the Roselle plant is sour in taste.People also make jam or jelly using the fruit of this plant.Little do people in India know that apart from being known as famous "Gongura" in Andhra Pradesh it is also grown and found in Assam and is used for cooking Assamese dishes.This plant has got a host of medicinal values and it seems even hangovers and hypertensions are cured with this.When used with fish it adds a flavur to the dish.This has been made in the most bland and country style.It is hot and sour.

Ingredients for the dish:

TengaMora leaves----



Chillies ----

Cumin Seeds----

Coriander Seeds---

Mustard Seeds---


A little mustard oil should be put in a kerahi(kadhai or frying pan).To this the cumin coriander and the mustard seeds should be added.Little garlic,chillies and turmeric should also be added .As soon as the mustard seeds start crackling the leaves are added and the contenst of the kadhai should be stir fried.When the leaves start changing colour water is added.

The dish is now allowed to boil in low flame.When the colour of the boiled dish becomes pale yellow fish is added to the dish and boiled for some more time so that the flavour of the leaves are absorbed by the fish.The dish is ready to be served.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bilahi Masor Tenga (Fish curry with Tomatoes)

Yesterday was Magh Bihur Uruka and a get together was planned for the occasion.There was Bonfire ,good food,Chit-Chats.It was really nice.Made me get the feel of Uruka.Madhurima Bou took the charge of the Chief Chef and she really made lovely masor tenga,chicken,Muri ghanta,baingan bharta.Of all I loved the masor tenga which she had prepared with tomatoes ,mustard seeds,lemon.This dish is a hot and tangy combo and mostly assamese people love it.It is also an easy to make and ready to eat dish.


Tomatoes ,Yellow Mustard Seeds(very little quantity say 10 seeds),Yellow Mustard Seed's paste(very little),Chillies,Lemon(Depends on the amount of tanginess one wants).


One table spoon of oil is heated in a kadhai.Mustard seeds are put into hot oil.Once they crackle finely chopped tomatoes are added and stirred till the tomatoes turn into a pulpy paste.Water is added to the pulpy mixture and the gravy is boiled.On getting boiled the mustard paste is added to the gravy.Soon after the fried fishes are added to the gravy and allowed to get boiled still over low flame.Chopped coriander is sprinkled over the dish and lemon juice is added and the entire dish is stirred.The dish is ready to be eaten .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pork Recipes


Ingredients :

Pork,Onions,Ginger Garlic Paste,Bamboo Shoot,Turmeric.


Type 1:

First the onions ginger garlic paste and the chillies are sauteed in a cooker.On the mixture changing colour to golden brown the pork along with onions and turmeric are put to get boiled.We put 6-8 whistle to a medium sized pressure cooker.If they dont get cooked we put 2-3 more whistles.When pork gets cooked bamboo shoots should be put in a small quantity and the entire mixture should be boiled for some more time and it gets ready


Type 2:

The pork can be boiled properly with salt and turmeric and kept aside.The onions ginger garlic paste can be sauteed with a tomato added to the mixture.Shoots can be added and the entire contents are cooked. On getting cooked pork is added and after the contents get mixed properly water is added.A little boil and its ready...



Turmeric Powder
Ginger Garlic Paste
Boiled Pork
Half Boiled Potatoes


This is a dry dish.Initially oil is heated and onions , ginger garlic paste ,turmeric powder is sauteed .The mixture is stir fried and pork with boiled potatoes is now put into the cooked mix.The entire contents are mixed well and the utensil in which the fry is going on is put to low flame.Time to time the mixture is stirred.Water from the mixture should evaporate completely.A golden brown colour comes to the mixture and the dish is ready.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Labra or mixed vegetable always reminds of ceremonies and bon bhoj(picnics).Whether a marriage or a picnic or name any other occasion this dish always used to be there in our house.Generally prepared with cabbages,pumpkin,brinjal(egg plant),potol(auberguine) the english name and put it up),dhaniya powder,onions,ginger garlic paste,chillies this really tastes good.

Konir Dom (Egg Curry)

Konir dom always reminds me of my sis and our friend Bora kai.Just like Bora Kai my sis loves eggs like anything.She always got it ensured that she gets the largest of the eggs in our house whenever mom used to boil or make a curry out of them.

In most places people make egg curry by putting boiled eggs in gravy.However assamese and bengali people prepare it in a slightly different manner.Eggs and potatoes are boiled .On getting boiled they are dipped in turmeric and salt mix and fried in oil.And then the gravy is prepared .My mom used to just fry onions,little garlic paste ,jeera powder ,put chopped tomatoes ,peas and then put water once the masala gets cooked.As soon the gravy gets boiled the eggs and potatoes are put into the gravy and the dish is ready.We have been accustomed to the use of minimum spices.So possibly we find the dish tasty with the bare minimum spices.

It seems egg yolk adds to weight gain. With people getting health conscious i wonder if the popularity of egg curry still remains.