Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lau bilahi khorisa aru mas (Bottle gourd,bamboo shoots,tomatoes and fish)

I had this dish for the first time at Dhunu's place.We had been neighbours for 10 years .I had never expected her to cook so fabulous coz I had never seen her cooking.I was amazed at first when I saw her handle a lunch party cooking for 10-12 people.

The curry was extremely tasty and it suited the hot afternoon.It is similar to lau tenga.

Lou(Bottle Gourd)-(If cooking for two people say just two inches of lou need to be cut)
Bilahi(Tomatoes)-2 small(I have used tomato puree)
Gaaj(Bamboo Shoots)-(1 tea spoon)
Fish(Four pieces)
Coriander leaves(Dhaniya)
Yellow Mustard Seeds paste
And she has strictly instructed me to cook in mustard oil.

The oil needs to be heated in a kadhai to which cumin seeds,methi,mustard seeds are added.When the seeds crackle lou is added and is fried till the water from it evaporates.Chopped tomatoes are added and even for the tomatoes the water is allowed to evaporate.When the cooked mass shrinks water is added and allowed to get boiled.When the water boils the mustard paste is added along with the fried fish .After say 10 mins the kadhai is put off the flame and lemon is squeezed .Chopped coriander is also added.The dish is ready to be served.

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