Thursday, January 8, 2009

Konir Dom (Egg Curry)

Konir dom always reminds me of my sis and our friend Bora kai.Just like Bora Kai my sis loves eggs like anything.She always got it ensured that she gets the largest of the eggs in our house whenever mom used to boil or make a curry out of them.

In most places people make egg curry by putting boiled eggs in gravy.However assamese and bengali people prepare it in a slightly different manner.Eggs and potatoes are boiled .On getting boiled they are dipped in turmeric and salt mix and fried in oil.And then the gravy is prepared .My mom used to just fry onions,little garlic paste ,jeera powder ,put chopped tomatoes ,peas and then put water once the masala gets cooked.As soon the gravy gets boiled the eggs and potatoes are put into the gravy and the dish is ready.We have been accustomed to the use of minimum spices.So possibly we find the dish tasty with the bare minimum spices.

It seems egg yolk adds to weight gain. With people getting health conscious i wonder if the popularity of egg curry still remains.