Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kosu Xaak(Colocasia Leaves)

I donot know if the name should be "kosu thuri" or "kosu thur".But then my mom makes the dish with the leafy part of the colocasia plant.Tender ones are used for cooking.The stem of this plant is also used for cooking.However the dish cooked with the leaves is my favourite of the two.


Colocasia Leaves
One tomato
Very little masur dal
Dhaniya Powder
Zeera Powder
Pepper(2 to 3)
2-3 pieces of crushed Garlic

The tender leaves should be washed first and chopped finely.The tomato should also be chopped.

First of all, water is boiled with turmeric in it .When the water gets boiled the chopped leaves should be put into the cooker along with masur dal.The cooker should be closed now and heated in low flame.Three to four whistles are allowed to be blown.After the cooker cools down zeera ,dhaniya powder along with tomato and pepper garlic are put into the cooker .Kohlrabi(Ul kobi),Indian Beans(Urahi),Peas(Mottor) can be added.Once again the contents are boiled.After 1 whistle the cooker can be put off the flame.

It seems this dish is good for people with pharynxitis .People beleieve that this dish clears throat infections.Also ginger should never be used with these leaves.

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