Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bilahi Masor Tenga (Fish curry with Tomatoes)

Yesterday was Magh Bihur Uruka and a get together was planned for the occasion.There was Bonfire ,good food,Chit-Chats.It was really nice.Made me get the feel of Uruka.Madhurima Bou took the charge of the Chief Chef and she really made lovely masor tenga,chicken,Muri ghanta,baingan bharta.Of all I loved the masor tenga which she had prepared with tomatoes ,mustard seeds,lemon.This dish is a hot and tangy combo and mostly assamese people love it.It is also an easy to make and ready to eat dish.


Tomatoes ,Yellow Mustard Seeds(very little quantity say 10 seeds),Yellow Mustard Seed's paste(very little),Chillies,Lemon(Depends on the amount of tanginess one wants).


One table spoon of oil is heated in a kadhai.Mustard seeds are put into hot oil.Once they crackle finely chopped tomatoes are added and stirred till the tomatoes turn into a pulpy paste.Water is added to the pulpy mixture and the gravy is boiled.On getting boiled the mustard paste is added to the gravy.Soon after the fried fishes are added to the gravy and allowed to get boiled still over low flame.Chopped coriander is sprinkled over the dish and lemon juice is added and the entire dish is stirred.The dish is ready to be eaten .


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  2. I think u missed to write about adding salt otherwise the blog is nice. Good work, keep it up

  3. Hi Nomi,

    I am Sukumar from a travel magazine and wish to use your food picture (Bilahi Masor Tenga). Pls email me urgently if you interested in contributing.


  4. I would not like to comment on what you have missed but yes..masor tenga is really very much in demand in is the right dish to have on a scorching summer day.