Saturday, January 31, 2009

Masor Tenga with Madhuhuleng xaak

I have been trying but have not been able to find the english name for this plant.This plant is sour in taste and adds sourness to the curry(jhol)prepared.

Madhhuleng Xaak

Cooking Procedure:
1)In saucepan water is brought to boil.
2)To the boiled water turmeric ,onions,chillies are added .
3)Soon after the leaves are added.The gravy should turn into a pale yellow colour.
4)Fried fish is now dipped into the gravy.The gravy needs a little more boil with the fishes before it is ready.


Second procedure:
Say u donot like it in the only boiled style which is most healthy way of eating it then a little twist can be added to the above recipe


Cumin Seeds
Mustard Seed
Fenugreek seeds
1 potato cut into long slices
1 onion

Cooking procedure:

1)The potatoes and the fish pieces are half fried and kept aside.
2)Heat Oil in a kerahi and add the seeds. Sliced Onion and a little turmeric is added .
3)The leaves aand potatoes are added and after a little stir fry water is added.
4)Salt is now added and the gravy is boiled.When the gravy starts bubbling fishes are added.
5)The flame is lowered and the gravy is still allowed to boil for 10 more mins on low flame.


  1. Hi There,
    Thanks for the lovely recipe. Modguxhulenor English identity tu hol BASIL, ei xhak aapuni, US ot praye bur grocery storeot pabo, aru nichoy Asian (Chinese) groceryit pabo.


    Mintu Desai (Das)
    East Lansing

  2. Mintu,
    This can't be Basil because Basil does not have sourness but the author said that it gives sourness to the curry!

  3. Oh this does makes sense, Modhu mane something sweet!!! Actually, I asked one of my Chinese colleague, to identify the plant in the image posted my Nomi. He was sure it was Basil..and I was happy to learn that cos I love Modhuxhulong, but never saw when maa used to cook with fish.
    I regret for providing wrong Info., though, but, I must say that there are a variety of Basil found, some tastes sweet some sour even upon cooking. I will look up these varieties and furnish the correct English name for Modhuxhulong.


  4. Basil is Tuloxhi and not Modhuxhulong..! What is Modhuxhulong known in English.

  5. I have not yet searched the english name for modhuhuleng.But will try to find it.

  6. First of all basil is tulsi, period (species may differ like thai basil, holy basil, etc.). Madhuhuleng in english is known as Chinese Knotweed, scientific name is Polygonum chinense. But yes it differs from place to place. In china, this plant's roots are used as herb in various local medicines and the leaves are not used profusely because chinese consider the taste of the leaves as weird (though palatable). In Assam, the leaves are mainly used in curries. The use of the roots in Assamese society is not known to me.