Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mati Mahor Dali(Black gram)

Maati Dal is prepared in two ways in our house.Maati mahor khar and Mati mahor gazi

Maati Mahor Khar:

The Black gram is first roasted in a kadhai.Then the roasted dal is washed and boiled in a pressure cooker.On getting boiled a pinch of baking soda or kol khar is added to it and the dal is boiled further with the lid of the pressure cooker open.Now ginger garlic paste is added and after boilng for 10 more mins the dal is ready.

Maati Mahor gazi:

For this dish the black gram is just boiled .Then in a kadhai onions ginger garlic paste ,tumeric,Bay leaves are fried in little oil.The boiled dal is poured into the kadhai and the dal is ready to be served.

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