Thursday, January 8, 2009


Labra or mixed vegetable always reminds of ceremonies and bon bhoj(picnics).Whether a marriage or a picnic or name any other occasion this dish always used to be there in our house.Generally prepared with cabbages,pumpkin,brinjal(egg plant),potol(auberguine) the english name and put it up),dhaniya powder,onions,ginger garlic paste,chillies this really tastes good.


  1. pretty good!! but see after that "used" spelling on the 3rd line!! en passant, potol is "pointed gourd" in english(Trichosanthes dioica). I don't like brinjal included in labra though. And of course, change the name of brinjal to eggplant or aubergine if you want coz brinjal is actually a common name and not in the dictionary and many of them may not find out what it is actually if you keep the same other than Indians.

  2. Thanks a lot mitul...I know i have caught the correct person!!!

  3. Can't imagine an Assamese ceremony without Labra..when i visit my mom at Delhi she and my sister in law request me to make one and not to forget they love masoor daal boror bilahi tenga .