Friday, January 16, 2009

Tenga Mora Haak aru Mas (Fish Curry with Roselle Leaves)

Assamese Cuisine is one of the most easiest to cook perhaps.It does not require much of preparation beforehand.In one way it can be said that it is "Easy to Make & Ready to eat".
TengaMora leaves or the Roselle plant is sour in taste.People also make jam or jelly using the fruit of this plant.Little do people in India know that apart from being known as famous "Gongura" in Andhra Pradesh it is also grown and found in Assam and is used for cooking Assamese dishes.This plant has got a host of medicinal values and it seems even hangovers and hypertensions are cured with this.When used with fish it adds a flavur to the dish.This has been made in the most bland and country style.It is hot and sour.

Ingredients for the dish:

TengaMora leaves----



Chillies ----

Cumin Seeds----

Coriander Seeds---

Mustard Seeds---


A little mustard oil should be put in a kerahi(kadhai or frying pan).To this the cumin coriander and the mustard seeds should be added.Little garlic,chillies and turmeric should also be added .As soon as the mustard seeds start crackling the leaves are added and the contenst of the kadhai should be stir fried.When the leaves start changing colour water is added.

The dish is now allowed to boil in low flame.When the colour of the boiled dish becomes pale yellow fish is added to the dish and boiled for some more time so that the flavour of the leaves are absorbed by the fish.The dish is ready to be served.


  1. i really like tenga mora hak!!! it's great!!!

  2. beautiful .. I used to help my mother make the jelly with it at the local food preservative

    you are right that not many people outside Assam and Arunachal know about the rochelle plant.. infact thanks to your post.. I came to know about the English name for the Tenga Mora..

    great blog .. keep it up :-)

  3. Hi Nomi, lovely entry, and very interesting. I'm always fascinated by how simple combinations of very few ingredients can produce amazing things.

    Thanks for the entry. The round-up will be shortly available. Could you please add a link to the Eating with the Seasons event to this post?