Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ou Tengar chutney


1)Ou Tenga(Elephant apple)
2)Sugar or jaggery
3)Pas Phuron (Cumin,coriander,methi,saunf,kala zeera)


1)The Ou Tenga should be ground in a mixie or can be cut into small pieces.
2)Heat a little oil in a kerahi and then when the oil gets heated put in a little pas phuron along with a little turmeric.
3)When the crackling sound is heard the Ou tenga pieces are put and fried along with chillies,sugar and salt.

Too much fry will make the dish bitter.

NB Pas phuron is a mixture of cumin,mustard,fenugreek,aniseed,black zeera or cumin

Ou Tenga Masor Jhol(Fish curry with elephant apple)

Most of the assamese people like this fruit/vegetable.I have made the dish with prawns.Other varieties of fish can also be used for making this recipe.

Ingredients for this assamese recipe:

2)Elephant apple(1/4)cut into small pieces.The outer scales are used for cooking.
3)Onions chopped(1)
6)Mustard Oil.


Little oil is heated in a saucepan.To the hot oil onions are added along with tomatoes.The tomato pieces are frie till the water evaporates.To the pulp now the elephant apple pieces are added along with chillies and salt and stir fried.Water is added and the gravy is set to boil.On getting boiled the prawns are added.The gravy is boiled for some more time till the gravy thickens.If raw fish is used the gravy should be boiled till the fish gets cooked.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ou Tenga(Elephant apple)

For the fellow assamese who have forgotten the vegetable I am putting up a pic.I know that I should not underestimate people but then there could be a possibilty that someone has heard of the vegetable but is not being able to identify it.

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Bet Gaaj(Rattan Shoot)

Bet Gaaj is famous for making furniture.But very few communities also use tender shoots as vegetable.People having a crave for bitter eatables will like this.The outer cover of the shoots is peeled off and the white soft tissue is cooked.Generally the soft part is cut into small pieces and fried in oil.Or the pieces are boiled with black gram.The pieces are sometimes boiled and mashed with oil chillies,onions to make a pitika.

Fish with Asiatic Pennywort(Manimuni haak aru mas)


1)Onions -1 finely chopped
2)Ginger Garlic paste
3)Chopped Tomato

Cooking procedure:

1)Heat a little oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Add onions along with ginger garlic paste

2)After stir frying a little the chopped tomato along with turmeric and salt is added.

3)The mixture is fried till the tomato loses all water.

4)Water is poured and the gravy is set to boil.

5)On getting boiled the leaves and the fishes are dipped in the gravy and boiled futher .

6)The gravy should turn pale yellow.Fish with manimuni is ready.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicken with Mustard Green(Manxo aru Lai Xaak)

Ingredients for this delicacy:

a)Chicken cut into small pieces.
b)Mustard Green(The amount shoule be half or less than the chicken amount)
c)Ginger Garlic paste
d)Onions diced

Cooking Procedure:

1)Mix the chicken with salt ,turmeric ,little oil and keep aside.
2)Heat mustard oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Little oil is needed.
3)Saute the onions ,ginger garlic paste,chillies.
4)When the mixture starts releasing oil the chicken is put into the kerahi and fried in low flame.The kerahi is covered
5)In short intervals the lid is removed and the contents stirred.
6)When the meat gets almost cooked the mustard greens are added.And the contents are fried still at a low flame.The mustard greens shrink fast.As soon as the chicken gets cooked we can put it off the flame.

Note :
If a gravy style is preferred then extra water may be added and then the greens should be added.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cooking Tips

All these tips are borrowed.Am writing these after personal experience.

1)Before frying tita kerela(Bitter Gourd) garlic is to be crushed and added to hot mustard oil.To this mustard oil the chips are added.The smell of the fried garlic makes my mouth water.

2)In south india people use tamarind to make the dal taste sour.Instead of tamarind the dal can be boiled and afterwards lemon can be squeezed on it.During summer it is really a retreat.

3)I was seeing a show aired on TV featuring bengali recipes.A doctor was invited to showcase cooking procedures of her favorite dishes.Along with the wonderful recipes she also gave a few tips on healthy eating.It seems salt should be sprinkled just before the dish is put off the flame.Salt contains iodine which easily evaporates on heating.If salt is put at the early stages of cooking the probability of the salt losing its iodine content is high.

4)Mashes should always be made and served hot just before main course is about to be served.

5)The typical assamese dishes like khar and tenga never go hand in hand.My mom says we should avoid having both together as it is not good for health

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chicken with Eggplant(Bengena aru Manxo)

This is a must try combination.Such kind of combinations are mostly prepared in villages but then am sure people will like it.The requirements are

a)Chicken marinaded with salt and turmeric
b)1 spoon Ginger Garlic Paste
c)2 onions Sliced
d)1/2 spoon Garam Masala
e)Eggplant or Brinjal sliced into 1 inch pieces.

Cooking procedure:

The onions and the ginger garlic paste are first fried in oil.Personally o feel chicken tastes best in mustard oil.Once the onions turn golden brown chicken pieces are added.Chicken in mixed properly with the masala in the frying pan and fried.As soon as the chicken get half cooked the brinjal pieces are added.The brinjal pieces should melt.Once the chicken gets cooked the dish is ready

Ginger Fish

I always get a doubt when i have to try and make something without putting oil.Will it be tasty? is the question that comes to my mind.Generally the more we put oil the more tasty it is.

But this recipe is tasty .Is is a kind of hot and sweet with ginger flavour .

Ingredients required:

Onions(1 finely chopped)
Tomato (1 big tomato chopped)
Ginger (crushed)
Fried fish

Cooking procedure:

First water is boiled in a kadhai.When the water come to a boil the turmeric ,onions,tomatoes,ginger are added to the hot water and allowed to boil further.The gravy is allowed to boil till it turns pale yellow.On turning pale yellow the fishes are dipped into the gravy and the kadhai is put to simmer till the fishes get soaked in the gravy completely.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Khar can be identified as an ethnic dish of Assam.My mother says that it cleanses the stomach.I donot know to what extent it is true.

In my village people make it out of banana skin(Aathiya kol or bhim kol)or black gram plant(mati mahor ga-gos).The skin or the plant is first dried in sun and then burnt .The ashes are then put in water.The water is filtered and this water is used for cooking khar.Typical khar dishes are mati mahor khar,omita khar,masor muror khar.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lau Tenga

This is a tangy bottlegourd dish and the ingredients required are just

Lau (1/4 Bottlegourd)
1 tomato
1 spoon turmeric powder

The bottlegourd and the tomato is cut into very small pieces.Water is boiled in the cooker.When the water gets boiled turmeric is added.The bottlegourd and the tomatoes along with chillies are put in the boiled water.Salt is added and the cooker is now closed.2 whistles and it is ready.Water content should be checked initially.Too much water will make the recipe tasteless.

Prawns can be put in it.It is a wonderful treat for a hot afternoon

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Masor Sorsori(Fish with mustard and poppy seeds)

Ingredients :

Mustard Paste(Very little)
Poppy Seeds Paste
Mustard Oil
Ginger garlic paste
onion paste

Cooking Procedure:

The mustard paste,poppy seeds paste,onion paste,ginger garlic paste,turmeric,water and oil are mixed in a pan .Fish is dipped in the gravy and the gravy is boiled.The fish should be put raw in the gravy.Once the gravy gets boiled the pan is put to simmer.In low flame the ingredients are cooked.Mustard paste should be put in very little proportion else the gravy becomes bitter.Once the fish gets cooked the dish is ready.

Gaonlia starter(starter)

Mustard Oil is heated and onions are put into the hot oil along with chillies and turmeric.Semi boiled potatoes and chicken are added.The contents are fried till they turn golden brown.

Pork Barbeque(Khorikaat diya gahori)

In my village (Laina Gaon ,Tinsukia District,Assam)Khorikaat diya gahori is a favorite . Pork is boiled first and then the pieces are mixed with salt.(Pepper can also be added ).

Bamboo is cut and thin sticks of arm length are made. Pork pieces are fit into the bamboo sticks and then the sticks are kept over earthen stove.Care should be taken not to put the pieces on fire directly but bake them using the heat generated from the fire.

The sticks are rolled from time to time.The pieces turn golden in colour and the dish is ready.

Bland Pork

For making this one I was told to just mix garlic paste with the pork, onions, chopped tomatoes,sliced ginger,chillies,bamboo shoots(either raw or pickled) and then put in a pressure cooker and cook in low flame.Water is not required to be added.After say 5 whistles the dish is ready.

Thanks Dimmi

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pork with black gram(mati mahor dali aru gahori)

I never had ever heard or tasted this recipe before.Yesterday when i was speaking to my father regarding pork dishes and how to make them he told me this new dish which he had at a lunch invitation.

I asked my friend Dimmy if she knew about this and she gave me the whole recipe.Anybody who likes mati mah will love this.The spring onions used actually bring flavour to the dish.


Black gram
Spring onions
Ginger garlic paste

I followed whatever Dimmy instructed except that I dint fry the onions in oil.The pork is boiled intially.The water in which pork is boiled is kept aside.Black gram is also boiled with a little salt and kept aside.

To the kadhai put a lil boiled water.The onions,ginger garlic paste are put in the water.When the water dries the onions ,ginger garlic paste get fried due to the fat content in water.

Once these get fried ,pork is put in and fried in low flame.Once the water content from the kadhai evaporates, the chopped spring onions and cilantro are added.The contents are fried in low flame for some time.If possible a little amount of khar can be put.The dal is now poured into the kadhai .The entire contents are mixed properly and the kadhai is put to simmer.Dimmy's dish is ready.

Dried fish(Xukati i.e. Xukaan Mas)

I got the idea to put an article on dried fish from a fellow blogger .Trigerred by the suggestion i just thought why not put a feature on this.I just called up my mom,mom-in-law and my aunt(from laina gaon in tinsukia distt)and got loads of information on this. I enquired with my friend Dimmy (an expert cook) the preparation style at their place. I found these methods are mostly similar.

Dried fish is prepared in different parts of Assam in different ways and are called by different names.I know only these names -"Xidal","Xukati","Naphaam","Namsing" .
In our village we call it "Xukati".I heard that the same dish is also known by the name "Naphaam","Namsing".It seems that any kind of fish can be used for making "Xukati"."Puthi Mas","Rou Mas" ,"Kurhi Mas".But then Kurhi fish tastes the best.

Fish Preparation in villages:
The fishes are decomposed and then dried in the hot sun .After getting dried the fishes are pounded and the fish powder is stuffed into bahor sunga(Bamboo tubes) or are wrapped in banana leaves and are kept to get dried further in dhua chung(bamboo ceiling kept over the earthen cooking stove).Dried fish is ready now.

According to my aunt two variants are there.In the second type the sun dried fishes are pounded with colocasia stem(Kosu Thur).

Cooking Procedure:
Before cooking the powder is wrapped in leaves and are roasted by placing over hot charcoal.Potatoes are boiled and then mashed along with the powder.
My friend Dimmy says that she just sprinkles it over fried capsicum and tomatoes.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pork with Mustard Green(Gahori aru Lai Xaak)

I have been used to eating pork since my childhood.I belong to one of those communities in Assam who eat pork.Dry Fry was my favorite till I landed up in Bangalore.
I had pork with bamboo shoots for the first time in bangalore.People say it is a naga style of preparation.But then people in our villages make this preparation too.I have seen most people liking this dish.But then in our villages people prepare it in some other style aslo.Pork with Lai Xaak(Mustard Green).Absolutely no oil is used in its preparation.Got this recipe from Nina Mami.

Pork with Mustard Green(Gahori Aru Lai Xaak)

1)Lai Haak or Mustard Green.(Mustard Green shrinks on being cooked.After cutting the leaves the amount should be half the meat).
2)Onion Paste(Two onions ).
3)Ginger Garlic Paste.
5)Turmeric powder.

Cooking procedure:
1)First of all the pork should be boiled .The amount of water to be put in cooker should be such that the meat just gets soaked in it.Atleast let three whislten be blown in the pressure.Put off the flame.

2)Now open the lid of the cooker and let it cook in low flame.Water level should be sufficient so that the pork gets dipped in the water.The contents can also be shifted to a kerahi.

3)When the dish starts getting dried turmeric,onion,ginger garlic chillies paste should be put into the vessel and the contents should get stirred.The vessel should be covered and in short intervals the contents need to be stirred.

5)When the meat starts releasing oil lai xaak is added .And stirring is to be continued so that the meat does not stick to the vessel.

6)When the mustard greens shrink in size and become dark green in colour the dish is ready.

Note:If anyobe prefers a gravy style then

When the water is on the verge of getting dried the greens can be put.They shrink soon.Recipe is ready.