Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cooking Tips

All these tips are borrowed.Am writing these after personal experience.

1)Before frying tita kerela(Bitter Gourd) garlic is to be crushed and added to hot mustard oil.To this mustard oil the chips are added.The smell of the fried garlic makes my mouth water.

2)In south india people use tamarind to make the dal taste sour.Instead of tamarind the dal can be boiled and afterwards lemon can be squeezed on it.During summer it is really a retreat.

3)I was seeing a show aired on TV featuring bengali recipes.A doctor was invited to showcase cooking procedures of her favorite dishes.Along with the wonderful recipes she also gave a few tips on healthy eating.It seems salt should be sprinkled just before the dish is put off the flame.Salt contains iodine which easily evaporates on heating.If salt is put at the early stages of cooking the probability of the salt losing its iodine content is high.

4)Mashes should always be made and served hot just before main course is about to be served.

5)The typical assamese dishes like khar and tenga never go hand in hand.My mom says we should avoid having both together as it is not good for health

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