Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicken with Mustard Green(Manxo aru Lai Xaak)

Ingredients for this delicacy:

a)Chicken cut into small pieces.
b)Mustard Green(The amount shoule be half or less than the chicken amount)
c)Ginger Garlic paste
d)Onions diced

Cooking Procedure:

1)Mix the chicken with salt ,turmeric ,little oil and keep aside.
2)Heat mustard oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Little oil is needed.
3)Saute the onions ,ginger garlic paste,chillies.
4)When the mixture starts releasing oil the chicken is put into the kerahi and fried in low flame.The kerahi is covered
5)In short intervals the lid is removed and the contents stirred.
6)When the meat gets almost cooked the mustard greens are added.And the contents are fried still at a low flame.The mustard greens shrink fast.As soon as the chicken gets cooked we can put it off the flame.

Note :
If a gravy style is preferred then extra water may be added and then the greens should be added.

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