Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dried fish(Xukati i.e. Xukaan Mas)

I got the idea to put an article on dried fish from a fellow blogger .Trigerred by the suggestion i just thought why not put a feature on this.I just called up my mom,mom-in-law and my aunt(from laina gaon in tinsukia distt)and got loads of information on this. I enquired with my friend Dimmy (an expert cook) the preparation style at their place. I found these methods are mostly similar.

Dried fish is prepared in different parts of Assam in different ways and are called by different names.I know only these names -"Xidal","Xukati","Naphaam","Namsing" .
In our village we call it "Xukati".I heard that the same dish is also known by the name "Naphaam","Namsing".It seems that any kind of fish can be used for making "Xukati"."Puthi Mas","Rou Mas" ,"Kurhi Mas".But then Kurhi fish tastes the best.

Fish Preparation in villages:
The fishes are decomposed and then dried in the hot sun .After getting dried the fishes are pounded and the fish powder is stuffed into bahor sunga(Bamboo tubes) or are wrapped in banana leaves and are kept to get dried further in dhua chung(bamboo ceiling kept over the earthen cooking stove).Dried fish is ready now.

According to my aunt two variants are there.In the second type the sun dried fishes are pounded with colocasia stem(Kosu Thur).

Cooking Procedure:
Before cooking the powder is wrapped in leaves and are roasted by placing over hot charcoal.Potatoes are boiled and then mashed along with the powder.
My friend Dimmy says that she just sprinkles it over fried capsicum and tomatoes.

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  1. Namsingh rice-

    You chop the onions, green chillies and fry it together with some salt in mustard oil along with the namsingh.
    After 3-4 minutes, add pre-steamed rice to the mix and drown the mixture with water and let it boil till the water evaporates.

    To be had as a side item

    Last time I made some in my apartment, the maid refused to enter the kitchen for 3 days because of the stench ;-)

    great post..