Monday, February 23, 2009

Fish with Asiatic Pennywort(Manimuni haak aru mas)


1)Onions -1 finely chopped
2)Ginger Garlic paste
3)Chopped Tomato

Cooking procedure:

1)Heat a little oil in a kerahi(saucepan).Add onions along with ginger garlic paste

2)After stir frying a little the chopped tomato along with turmeric and salt is added.

3)The mixture is fried till the tomato loses all water.

4)Water is poured and the gravy is set to boil.

5)On getting boiled the leaves and the fishes are dipped in the gravy and boiled futher .

6)The gravy should turn pale yellow.Fish with manimuni is ready.


  1. Gawd!! Mani muni!! wow.. the soup / drink used to be equally good..

    I am quite impressed with the level of details in all the posts. Must be taking a lot of time.. keep it up :-).. will try to drive more readers to your blog..

    Btw.. please tell everyone to use mustard oil for all Assamese dishes.. refined oil doesn't do anything for the aroma :-P

  2. Thanks for putting an effort on reading ....One of my friends told that some of the posts require a little detailed description.Hence i am trying to write in a systematic manner.

  3. this leafy veggie is very nutritious n i have tasted it , have cooked it actually in a few ways........good to see this one.......

    i am first time visitor to your blog.....liked it.........take a look at mine..

  4. hey, I bought the stuff, tried to (1) make a salad, (2)boil it like spinach, (3) make tea. It all tastes bitter, had to throw it away.

  5. Personally even I feel manimuni is not as tasty as spinach or mustard greens but then it is extremely good for health.It is good when suffering from dysentry.I have never heard of having it as a salad or as tea.But then when made into a soup can be a bit tasty provided atleast ginger is added to the soup and boiled .

  6. Also donot forget to squeeze lemon.

  7. Nono ,it is great to see MANIMUNI go global.There is another version popular in my house...we grind the leaves with one or two garlic pods,heat mustard oil in a pan,splutter very little cumin seeds and later a medium sized thinly sliced onion,when it browns a little a boiled and diced potato(medium)is mixed...after sometime just add the pasty mixture ,let it simmer for five minutes....just before serving add freshly crushed black pepper to love this one.

    Noni.i think you are doing a great job .

  8. Thank you so much for the lovely recipe.Can I put it by your name in my blog?