Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ginger Fish

I always get a doubt when i have to try and make something without putting oil.Will it be tasty? is the question that comes to my mind.Generally the more we put oil the more tasty it is.

But this recipe is tasty .Is is a kind of hot and sweet with ginger flavour .

Ingredients required:

Onions(1 finely chopped)
Tomato (1 big tomato chopped)
Ginger (crushed)
Fried fish

Cooking procedure:

First water is boiled in a kadhai.When the water come to a boil the turmeric ,onions,tomatoes,ginger are added to the hot water and allowed to boil further.The gravy is allowed to boil till it turns pale yellow.On turning pale yellow the fishes are dipped into the gravy and the kadhai is put to simmer till the fishes get soaked in the gravy completely.

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