Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ou Tenga Masor Jhol(Fish curry with elephant apple)

Most of the assamese people like this fruit/vegetable.I have made the dish with prawns.Other varieties of fish can also be used for making this recipe.

Ingredients for this assamese recipe:

2)Elephant apple(1/4)cut into small pieces.The outer scales are used for cooking.
3)Onions chopped(1)
6)Mustard Oil.


Little oil is heated in a saucepan.To the hot oil onions are added along with tomatoes.The tomato pieces are frie till the water evaporates.To the pulp now the elephant apple pieces are added along with chillies and salt and stir fried.Water is added and the gravy is set to boil.On getting boiled the prawns are added.The gravy is boiled for some more time till the gravy thickens.If raw fish is used the gravy should be boiled till the fish gets cooked.


  1. daym!! this one is making my mouth water like hell.. if you continue like this.. very soon I will have to award you your first Michelin Star.. :-P

  2. Dear Nomi,

    I'm Sid from Chef at Large. A reader contributed an article on tenga without a photograph and I've used your photo for this post on the front page. As there wasn't a way to put a link on the front page, I've added your copyright to the photo and also mentioned your blog (linked to this page) and name in the article.

    Please let me know if this is alright.

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