Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ou Tengar chutney


1)Ou Tenga(Elephant apple)
2)Sugar or jaggery
3)Pas Phuron (Cumin,coriander,methi,saunf,kala zeera)


1)The Ou Tenga should be ground in a mixie or can be cut into small pieces.
2)Heat a little oil in a kerahi and then when the oil gets heated put in a little pas phuron along with a little turmeric.
3)When the crackling sound is heard the Ou tenga pieces are put and fried along with chillies,sugar and salt.

Too much fry will make the dish bitter.

NB Pas phuron is a mixture of cumin,mustard,fenugreek,aniseed,black zeera or cumin

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