Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pork Barbeque(Khorikaat diya gahori)

In my village (Laina Gaon ,Tinsukia District,Assam)Khorikaat diya gahori is a favorite . Pork is boiled first and then the pieces are mixed with salt.(Pepper can also be added ).

Bamboo is cut and thin sticks of arm length are made. Pork pieces are fit into the bamboo sticks and then the sticks are kept over earthen stove.Care should be taken not to put the pieces on fire directly but bake them using the heat generated from the fire.

The sticks are rolled from time to time.The pieces turn golden in colour and the dish is ready.


  1. My most memorable experience with this dish was at Delicacy restaurant in Ganeshguri (near the flyover) last year. It was awesome!

  2. Ahom and Gahori.. the two sides of a coin.

  3. Nice post..

    you are doing a great job in bringing these exclusive traditional cuisines to our attention.