Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pork with black gram(mati mahor dali aru gahori)

I never had ever heard or tasted this recipe before.Yesterday when i was speaking to my father regarding pork dishes and how to make them he told me this new dish which he had at a lunch invitation.

I asked my friend Dimmy if she knew about this and she gave me the whole recipe.Anybody who likes mati mah will love this.The spring onions used actually bring flavour to the dish.


Black gram
Spring onions
Ginger garlic paste

I followed whatever Dimmy instructed except that I dint fry the onions in oil.The pork is boiled intially.The water in which pork is boiled is kept aside.Black gram is also boiled with a little salt and kept aside.

To the kadhai put a lil boiled water.The onions,ginger garlic paste are put in the water.When the water dries the onions ,ginger garlic paste get fried due to the fat content in water.

Once these get fried ,pork is put in and fried in low flame.Once the water content from the kadhai evaporates, the chopped spring onions and cilantro are added.The contents are fried in low flame for some time.If possible a little amount of khar can be put.The dal is now poured into the kadhai .The entire contents are mixed properly and the kadhai is put to simmer.Dimmy's dish is ready.

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  1. One interesting twist that you can add is by replacing the pork with dried fish pieces. My mom makes it at home (it is a mishing dish) and is absolutely fabulous..