Monday, February 2, 2009

Pork with Mustard Green(Gahori aru Lai Xaak)

I have been used to eating pork since my childhood.I belong to one of those communities in Assam who eat pork.Dry Fry was my favorite till I landed up in Bangalore.
I had pork with bamboo shoots for the first time in bangalore.People say it is a naga style of preparation.But then people in our villages make this preparation too.I have seen most people liking this dish.But then in our villages people prepare it in some other style aslo.Pork with Lai Xaak(Mustard Green).Absolutely no oil is used in its preparation.Got this recipe from Nina Mami.

Pork with Mustard Green(Gahori Aru Lai Xaak)

1)Lai Haak or Mustard Green.(Mustard Green shrinks on being cooked.After cutting the leaves the amount should be half the meat).
2)Onion Paste(Two onions ).
3)Ginger Garlic Paste.
5)Turmeric powder.

Cooking procedure:
1)First of all the pork should be boiled .The amount of water to be put in cooker should be such that the meat just gets soaked in it.Atleast let three whislten be blown in the pressure.Put off the flame.

2)Now open the lid of the cooker and let it cook in low flame.Water level should be sufficient so that the pork gets dipped in the water.The contents can also be shifted to a kerahi.

3)When the dish starts getting dried turmeric,onion,ginger garlic chillies paste should be put into the vessel and the contents should get stirred.The vessel should be covered and in short intervals the contents need to be stirred.

5)When the meat starts releasing oil lai xaak is added .And stirring is to be continued so that the meat does not stick to the vessel.

6)When the mustard greens shrink in size and become dark green in colour the dish is ready.

Note:If anyobe prefers a gravy style then

When the water is on the verge of getting dried the greens can be put.They shrink soon.Recipe is ready.


  1. My community (the Mishings) also cook pork with leaves.. don't know what they are called outside our dialect though :-).. same style.. no oil. And the end product is a little wetter than this version.

    As for bamboo shoot style.. it is made famous by the Nagas yes.. the other famous version is made entirely with garlic and salt.. not bamboo shoots. Naga versions are best had with steamed white rice and the Raja Mirchi chutney made with tomatoes and dried fish..

    Talking of which.. Xukan Massor dishes? Every community in the North East has its own version of the stinky fish dish. We call ours the Namsingh. The dried fish is grounded and made with rice.. how about a feature on them too?

  2. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.Will definetely try to put in a feature on this....

  3. Hi,

    Came across you blog, while looking up for typical assamese cuisine. Its a great site. You really have got some very interesting recipes. Hope to see more of them......... Keep it up and all the best.

  4. u idiot its not mustard green its lettuce we assamese people need to be more precise cos we r a bit loose up there

  5. Please view pictures of lettuce .They donot resemble lai xaak at all.Better check your precision


  7. Sry not lettuce. Green mustard is correct.