Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ronga Lau aru Kol Posola(Pumpkin and banana stem)


Pumpkin pieces cut small
1 Onion cut small
Ginger Garlic paste
Pas phuron (Seasoning seeds)
Banana Stem(kol posola cut into small pieces)
Turmeric powder
Zeera Dhaniya Powder


Little oil is heated and pas phuron is added to the hot oil.As soon as the seeds crackle the onion pieces,chillies along with ginger garlic paste are sauteed.When the colour of the onions start changing pumpkin pieces are added.The contents are fried well and after some time the kol posola pieces are added.Together the contents are stir fried and then the vessel is covered with a lid and the flame of the burner is kept low.The contents of the vessel should be stirred from time to time and then again the vessel should be covered.The pumpkin pieces melt and become pulpy.Now a lot of vapour gets generated as the contents are cooked covered.The mixture is still kept on low flame but uncovered so that the contents gets dried.On getting dried the dish gets ready.

Best way to have it is with roti or bora saul(sticky rice)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kosu Alur torkari

I never thought kosu alur would be so tasty .I also had the least faith in somesh's culinary skills.But after having this I must admit that my friend somesh knows cooking to some extent(:P ).


Tomatoes(2 of them finely chopped)
Zeera Dhaniya powder

Cooking procedure:

The colocasia are boiled and cut into small pieces

Mustard Oil is heated in a vessel to which seera dhaniya and turmeric is added.

Tomatoes are added along with chillies to the oil.The contents are fried till the tomatoes turn pulpy

The colocasia are now added to the vessel and mixed with tomato pulp.The flame is kept low and the contents are mixed after short intervals.

Patot diya Mas(Fish baked inside banana leaves)

Bilahi Tok (Tomato Chutney)

Bilahi tok or tomato chutney is served generally as a side dish.It used to be a sidedish in marriages.Normally assamese people have it with puris .


1)Pas Phuron
2)Tomatoes finely chopped.(I used 3 of them)
3)Dates(The more the sweeter.The seeds are separated )
5)Salt to taste

Preparation Procedure:

Mustard oil is heated in a pan.Pas Phuron and chillies are added.

As soon as the seeds crackle the seedless dates are added to the oil .

When the dates start melting tomatoes are added.

The mixture is now fried in low flame till the tomatoes turn into a pulpy paste.

Bilahi Tok is ready to be served.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bengena Fry(EggPlant Fritter )

Fritters are coated in batter and then deep fried.Usually the batter used for eggplant fritter is besan(gram powder),turmeric,salt.However I have made using turmeric and salt only.Also the eggplant should be fried in mustard oil.I will put a second pic when i make the exact fry.

Ronga Lau aru Sozina(Pumpkin with Drumsticks)

Saturday is the only day in the week when i have tried not to fail to make vegetarian dishes.My mom is a beleiver of astrology and respecting her beleif I prefer to have vegetarina on these days.

Ingredients required:

1)Pumpkin cut into small pices(Small pieces makes way to easy cooking)

2)Pas Phuron(Seasoning seeds) i.e Black Cumin Seeds,Aniseed,Fenugreek seeds,Mustard Seed,white mustard seeds.

3)Garlic clove crushed.

4)Zeera chaniya powder

5)Drumsticks(The skin is peeled off and cut into 5 cm length sticks)

6)Onions-1 chopped



Initially the pas phuron or the five varities of seeds which are taken in a very small quantity are fried in heated mustard oil.Then The crushed garlic cloves are fried.When the smell of fried garlic (which I like a lot) comes then onions are fried and soon after the pumpkin pieces are put in.The contents are mixed in the frying pan and then allowed to get fried in low steam.The frying pan is covered with a lid.The contents are stirred or mixed from time to time.Now how do we know that the dish is cooked?Just need to prod the pieces.On getting cooked they break down on being prodded.In about half an hour the pumpkin pieces should melt down .The pumpkin pieces are mashed and drumsticks added and cooked for say 15 more mins in low flame.

However if it does not happen we need to pour in a little water and allow it to get cooked further.The drumsticks are added and when the water gets dried the pumpkin pieces are mashed

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pudina Chutney(Mint Chutney)


1)Pudina leaves
2)Garlic 3-4
3)Tomato 1
4)Tamarind 2-3 pieces soaked in water.


This chutney is made as a hot and sweet or hot and sour chutney.The pudina leaves,tomatoes,garlic ,tamarind,chillies,sugar,salt are made into a paste .If a hot and sweet combinations chutney is to be made sweet tamarind can also be used insted of sugar.

If a hot and sour combinations is preferred then tamarind or lime is added.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Koldil aru Manxo(Chicken with Banana Flower)


1)Koldil finely chopped
2)Chillies chopped
3)Onions and ginger garlic paste
4)Chicken marinated with turmeric and salt.

Cooking Procedure:
Mustard Oil is heated in a kerahi(kadhai).The onions are fried till golden brown. Ginger Garlic paste is added along with the chillies and fried.The marinated chicken will be fried and when it gets half fried the finely chopped koldil is added.The contents are fried properly and water is added.The gravy is set to boil .

Friday, March 6, 2009


Do you want to taste Assamese Food?Well I am still trying to find out if any eatery exists outside Assam.But a few do exist in Guwahati.Following are the names of restaurants serving assamese cuisine.All of them are in Guwahati.

First Floor,Kamal C Plaza,
Opposite Bora Service Bus Stop,
GS Road.

Landmark:Bora Service Bus Stop.

2)Paradise Airport
LGBI Airport,

Chandmari Colony,
LandMark:Opposite to Assam Tribune Office

Near Ganeshguri Flyover,

Zoo Tiniali Bus Stop.

5)Akow Juti Logai Khau
Near Ganesh Mandir
LandMark:Divine Wedding Lodge


Nursery Bus Stop.

Apart from these restaurants another good option would be to visit cultural festivals in Assam.These days there has been initiative in organizing cultural festivals in Assam.All the communities of Assam participate .The communities showcase their culture in these events.And one can take the pleasure of having a sumptous ethnic Assamese Cuisine.

April 02/09

Following are the festivals wherein you can expect a food festival.

1)Dehing-Patkai Festival

2)Majuli Festival

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kordoi (Carambola or star fruit)

Kordoi is yet another fruit which you will be finding only in eastern India as compared to the rest of the country.They are mostly sour when unripe.The fruit can be cut mixed with salt and chillies and perfect time to have this could be after a siesta in summer season.
Chutneys ,pickles are also prepared using this fruit.Some people also use it as a vegetable and have it with fish.

Chutney Preparation:


2 kordoi cut into small pieces
Sugar and Salt

Oil is heated in a saucepan and the kordoi pieces are fried with chillies,salt and sugar added.The frying continues till the pieces turn into a pulp.It can be used as a side dish.

Pas Phuron can also be used for seasoning

Part II:

Just cut the fruit .Mix the fruit with salt and chillies.Have it in after an afternoon siesta ....