Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ronga Lau aru Kol Posola(Pumpkin and banana stem)


Pumpkin pieces cut small
1 Onion cut small
Ginger Garlic paste
Pas phuron (Seasoning seeds)
Banana Stem(kol posola cut into small pieces)
Turmeric powder
Zeera Dhaniya Powder


Little oil is heated and pas phuron is added to the hot oil.As soon as the seeds crackle the onion pieces,chillies along with ginger garlic paste are sauteed.When the colour of the onions start changing pumpkin pieces are added.The contents are fried well and after some time the kol posola pieces are added.Together the contents are stir fried and then the vessel is covered with a lid and the flame of the burner is kept low.The contents of the vessel should be stirred from time to time and then again the vessel should be covered.The pumpkin pieces melt and become pulpy.Now a lot of vapour gets generated as the contents are cooked covered.The mixture is still kept on low flame but uncovered so that the contents gets dried.On getting dried the dish gets ready.

Best way to have it is with roti or bora saul(sticky rice)

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  1. u never mentioned tht u knew so much. Must b gr8 to taste
    keep up the gud work