Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ronga Lau aru Sozina(Pumpkin with Drumsticks)

Saturday is the only day in the week when i have tried not to fail to make vegetarian dishes.My mom is a beleiver of astrology and respecting her beleif I prefer to have vegetarina on these days.

Ingredients required:

1)Pumpkin cut into small pices(Small pieces makes way to easy cooking)

2)Pas Phuron(Seasoning seeds) i.e Black Cumin Seeds,Aniseed,Fenugreek seeds,Mustard Seed,white mustard seeds.

3)Garlic clove crushed.

4)Zeera chaniya powder

5)Drumsticks(The skin is peeled off and cut into 5 cm length sticks)

6)Onions-1 chopped



Initially the pas phuron or the five varities of seeds which are taken in a very small quantity are fried in heated mustard oil.Then The crushed garlic cloves are fried.When the smell of fried garlic (which I like a lot) comes then onions are fried and soon after the pumpkin pieces are put in.The contents are mixed in the frying pan and then allowed to get fried in low steam.The frying pan is covered with a lid.The contents are stirred or mixed from time to time.Now how do we know that the dish is cooked?Just need to prod the pieces.On getting cooked they break down on being prodded.In about half an hour the pumpkin pieces should melt down .The pumpkin pieces are mashed and drumsticks added and cooked for say 15 more mins in low flame.

However if it does not happen we need to pour in a little water and allow it to get cooked further.The drumsticks are added and when the water gets dried the pumpkin pieces are mashed

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