Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jika mas aru horiyoh(ridge gourd,fish,yellow mustard seeds)


Jika-2 nos(Ridge Gourd cut along its length and then sliced into 1 inch pieces)
Horiyoh paste(Yellow mustard pieces ground into a paste)
Onions-2 (made into a paste)
Garlic -(paste)

Preparation procedure:

The onion paste is first fried in hot mustard oil.Oil used is minimum.

Once the onions get brown crushed garlic is added which is soon followed by the bayleaf and jika pieces.

When the jika pieces shrink completely mustard seeds are added and after a quick stir fry water is added and gravy is set to boil .On getting boiled fried fish or prawns are added.

The gravy is set to boil further on low steam so that the fishes get soaked in completely in the gravy.

Dhekiya Xaak aru guti alu bhoja(Ferns with small potatoes)

Guti alu (small potatoes cut into two) are fried in hot oil(little) along with turmeric, chillies and onions .Salt is sprinkled over the mixture.When the potatoes get half cooked dhekiya xaak chopped finely are added to the potatoes.Water should get evaporated from the vessel.After the water gets evaporated completely the vessel is kept on low flame for sometime and stirred.

Masor konir pakoda(Fritter made using fish eggs)

Fish eggs are mixed with onions,chopped chillies, a little wheat flour ,turmeric and a little salt.The using a spoon the batter is dipped in hot oil.When the batter solidifies in the oil they are turned so that the other sides get cooked.

Pura mas pitika (baked fish mashed with potatoes)

The fishes are intially cleaned and small cuts are made .They are then pierced in a khorikaa(which is a thin pointed stick) and put in an oven or tandoor.Care is to be taekn so that the fishes donot get burnt too much.The sticks are rolled frequently so that the entire fish gets baked.

The fishes on getting baked look as shown in the picture below

Boiled potatoes are mashed with chillies,finely cut onions,little mustard oil and coriander leaves(optinal).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mint Chicken(Pudina Manxo)


Ginger Garlic paste
Pudina (Mint Leaves)
Chicken pieces marinated with turmeric and salt


1)Onions and ginger garlic paste are fried in hot mustard oil.Little oil should be used.

2)Chicken pieces are added and fried with the paste.

3)The chicken starts getting cooked.The vessel is covered and time to time the contents are stirred.

4)When the water evaporates completely and when the pieces get cooked water is added according to the amount on consistency required.Mint chutney is now added to the gravy and boiled.When the gravy thickens the dish becomes ready to be served

Mint Chutney preparation:

Garlic 3-4 cloves
Mint leaves
1 tomato finely chopped
Little Tamarind(Optional)
Little Sugar(Optional)
Salt to taste

The above ingredients are finely ground into a paste.