Sunday, May 31, 2009

Koldil aru Manxo(Dry)

Ou Tenga-Dhekiya Xaak aru Mas

Lessons Down South

After coming down to southern part of India I have got the opportunity to meet people from all over India.Over the last four years this association has provided me the opportunity to learn newer things .

I have tried to learn quite many recipes here and most of them are the ones regularly cooked at home.I have to thank my colleagues and friends for sharing these lovely recipes with me.However I have tried to use minimal amount of spice,assamese seasoning and have used mustard oil for the recipes which gives an assamese style to south indian recipes.

1)Beans with coconut:(A Kerala Recipe)

The seasoning used down south is gram seed,mustard seed,zeera,black gram seed,methi seed.However I have used only zeera and mustard seeds.


d)Seasoning:The south Indian seasoning adds more flavour to the dish.

Beans are finely chopped along with the green chillies.Coconut is grated and kept aside.

2 teaspoons Oil is heated in a pan.Zeera and mustard seeds are added.Once the seeds start crackling chopped beans are added and stir fried.The beans are allowed to get cooked in low flame and the pan is now covered.Now and then beans should be stirred .This avoids the beans getting over cooked.The beans get cooked with its own water content.On getting cooked and while in low steam grated coconut is sprinkled over the beans and covered.On covering immediately the gas should be turned off.

The sabzi is ready.


On the same lines as the above mentioned recipe the following can be prepared. However a little variation adds more flavour to the dish.

a)Shredded cabbage
b)Grated coconut
c)Boiled gram (optional)
d)Curry Leaves
f)Seasoning(south indian)
g)Coriander leaves(optional)

The oil 2 tablespoons is heated in a kadhai and to the hot oil seasoning seeds are added along with the curry leaves.The Cabbage and the boiled grams are added to the oil .The stove is set to low flame and the kadhai is kept covered.Once in a while the contents should be stirred.The water content in the cabbage makes it get cooked and when the water in the cabbage gets dried completely the cabbage gets cooked.Just before the flame is put off the grated coconut is added and the lid of the kadhai covered.After say 15 mins of cooling the coconut and cabbage is mixed and the dish is ready.

3)Majjiga Pulusu

I hope I am spelling the name correctly.I had it for the first time at my office lunch table.Extremely tasty and soothing for a hot afternoon.


Seasoning seeds
Grated Coconut
Curry Leaves
Bottle Gourd

Cut down one fourth of a bottle gourd into small pieces .Heat oil in a frying pan and when hot add seasoning seeds .Also add curry leaves and green chillies .The bottle gourd now needs to be fried in this oil till the water content in the gourd gets dried.Buttermilk is now poured into this and when the mixture in on the verge of getting boiled coconut is added and the dish is ready.The stove is put off.