Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Little Garden

Of late I have started off with gardening.I am wondering whether to call it a hobby or a fleeting experience.It has been three months and I am not bored with it yet.But three months is sufficient to see the results.Nevertheless I have to thank little mainu for helping me start off.I know the limits of my patience and had it not been for her the idea of having a garden would not have taken off.My parents come from an agricultural background and have maintained a kitchen garden whenever they have got the opportunity ,space,time but I never had the interest in it.

A series of events in the family and I made up my mind to set up my garden.Difficukt it is to grow them and see them not bear fruits.But then I have realised that we may not get the reward everytime we put an effort.

I started off the first day of mixing the soil and sowing the seeds with an inhibition .What if the garden does not come up.The first surprise came within two-five days of sowing the seeds .Since we had no idea we were puzzled to see a plant popping out to a height on the very first day itself.These were the pumpkin plants .
Now one may think how did we come to know ?While examining one of the plants we saw the seed wide open,coated with mud sticking to one of the leaves.It was like a discovery for us . No other plant was visible in the brown patch except for these.I had lost hope on the tomatoes.So every morning and evening I would water them.Intially the plant looked like this.

Subsequently leaves grew and were different from the ones that came out first.
A look at the different stages.

As the plants grows after the broad leaves tendrils start growing.I really wonder how the tendrils get hold of object and coil around them.It is as they send some signals and from whichever direction there is a reflection they head start in that.
Slowly they started moving from one corner to the other .It was as if superman was moving .

Flower buds came.The first flower did give me immense pleasure .And when it bloomed it was wonderful.Till then there was no sight of any pumpkin growing anywhere.Only flowers .Some times as many as 8 blossom.Suddenly a tiny flower with a round bulb was visible.People back home had explained how the first one would look and it was there.The people back home also advised me not to look at it too often saying it spoils the plants.And yes they were true .The first one got spoiled after a few days.It was not due to any bad omen but insect infection.I am hoping for some more to grow.I even have taken tips for saving a pumpkin bud the next time.Hope the tips work.The journey of the pumkins have been till this place.If any updates are there will soon post a thought :)

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