Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pumpkin Flowers(Fritter)

These days pumpkin flowers are blooming in my garden.I will call it my fortune to have them in my small kitchen garden and at the same time have the gracious presence of Deepa Baideu(Sis) at my place.Apart from being a great cook she is also an expert gardener.These flowers had started blooming and every day I could see some two to three flowers .But on this particular day I had eight of them.And she made some lovely pumpkin flowers.

Pumpkin flowers are a rich source of beta carotene.And this is one best way of having them.


a)An egg or two.
b)An onion
d)Leek if possible

Beat an egg in a bowl.Chop the chillies ,leek and onions into small pieces and mix with the beaten egg.Take a flower and roll the flower in the batter.Heat little oil in a pan.Fry the flowers in low heat .And the flowers are ready.

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