Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ash Gourd and Duck Meat(Jati Lau aru Haanh Manxo)

Aubergine Duck Meat(Bengena aru Haanh Manxo)

Duck is as much favorite among the Assamese as the other non-vegetarian dish."Raaj Haanh " or the "Royal Swan" is tastiest of the ducks found in Assam.

Ducks require to be cleaned thoroughly before cooking .At first the duck should be put in hot water .This removes the feathers which cling to the meat.Duck also has got fine hair .Hence the duck skin should be heated slightly by rolling the duck over gas flame or in an oven.Otherwise if put in a heater the duck should be tossed in short interval so that the skin gets roasted .If the duck is already cut then the above procedures should also be followed for the cut meat.


Ginger Garlic Paste
Onions sliced
Aubergine cut into pieces


The roasted duck should be marinated with ginger garlic paste and onions with slight oil for half an hour.Now sliced onions should be sauteed in a pan .Once the onions become transparent the marinated meat should be added to the onions in the pan.Intially the pan should be covered.This will make the meat release all the water content and the meat gets cooked in the steam produced in the pan.Intially the meat will turn white in colour .In short intervals the pan contents should be stirred .When the contents become slight brown in colour the lid is removed and the water is now allowed to evaporate.When the water content gets almost evaporated the chopped aubergine is added .The duck meat releases oil and the aubergine gets cooked in the oil released.The meat turn dark brown in colour and the aubergine tastes lovely.